Take time for yourself

Now that I am planning to retire, I find myself working harder to get my desk in order.  I am also teaching the other secretary how to do payroll.  So times have been hectic plus its the end of the term, so the kids dont want to be in school anymore, the weather is getting too nice to stay in and there are so many events going on – between stepping up, graduation, carnival time, spring festivals, field days, etc. there is so much activity going on.

So today we made plans to meet after work, relax, talk and have a glass of wine.  While a few could not make it, we made do with those who could and met early enough to have plenty of time to talk.  Only one person was retired – and we talked about my upcoming retirement.  By the end of dinner, we all felt relaxed and happy to have met.  While work is nice and we all must do it – it is always great to relax and get  together with friends.  I find it amazing that we can work with people but never have time to talk to them -especially on the job.

I am going to miss the people I work with the most – but we made a promise that even though I would not be with them everyday, we will again get together for dinner, lunch or maybe even breakfast….Although, there have been quite a few people who have retired – and those I will definitely get together with ……

Looking forward to this change in my life even though I am not fond of change…

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