Cherished memories

It seems this generation does not follow tradition much.  When cleaning out my house a few years back to move, I found items from when my children were young.  Asking them if they would like their cherished memories to keep for themselves, they all were not interested.  Guess we live in a “throwaway society” and I think that is sad.  When my in-laws passed I kept some of her items she had – special mugs, some pictures, wall hangings and plates.

I also have some items for myself like pictures, even precious moments dolls, along with bracelets and even my dog’s collar who passed away.  I cant seem to part with some things.  But what will happen to them when I pass on.

I recently came across an item Avon is selling that made me think of these memories.  Bracelets and earrings called Cherished Memories……

Find them here  …  and get your cherished bracelet for only $7.99 and the earrings (all 7 pairs) for $9.99…..and just maybe you will be able to pass them on.


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  1. I do agree that young people see things differently these days. My daughter keeps what she can and has so little room that she must rent storage for seasonal things. Tiny apartments don’t leave much room for memories. Young people are also quite mobile. I’ve moved 35 times that I can remember and have more stuff from family members than ever. But the kids are not going to want most of it. I’m starting to offload things already to free up space and emotional weight. I also don’t allow anyone to buy anything for me. A plant for the garden or a meal out is all I will accept anymore. Have a lovely weekend.

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