A Random Note

The best thing about five year olds is the way they talk.

No matter what happens, they say it as it is…..it comes out of their mouth without ever thinking about it.

Whether it is “Gee mom, that lady is fat” when the person in question in standing in line in front of us;

Or throwing a temper tantrum for not getting the biggest piece of cake.

My five year grandson is the one in question.  He never, ever stops talking.  The minute he comes into my house until he leaves, he is talking.  About school, friends, games – even while eating, he is telling me something.  I love it because the older they get, the more they refrain from talking to you.

Although I do have a 16 year old grandson who comes to visit and we talk baseball.  But the five year old comes out with such cute things……

Like the day he pulled out a post-it note from his school bag and informed me that “He found this random note on his desk.”


Random note?  I was so shocked at the use of the word I forgot to ask him if he even knew the meaning of the word…..

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