5, 4, 3, 2, 1

The last of my work days starts today.  As I finish up my job I cant help thinking how fast the years have gone by.  My life itself is moving on the fast track and I cant slow it down.  From baby, to adolescent, to teenager……to young adult.  Having hit my 30s I went from wife to mother of 5 and soon they were in school, graduated, finding work and then their soul mates.  From there they gave me my grandchildren.

And during that time of raising them, along with caring for my father in law and a dog, I find myself starting a new journey.  Retirement comes at a good time….time to relax, read and find new hobbies.

I feel my day should begin when I decide to wake up, then have a cup of coffee, read the paper.  Water my plants….do a little Avon business – go to lunch with hubby or friends. (those who are not working, lol)


Yay, I can do whatever I want…….whenever I want…………..


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