Need a Part Time Job?

I had a full time job with my school district.  Loved the job, the people and the fact that I had summers off.  So why would I want a part time job?  I had enough in my life to do between full time work, hubby and children and grandchildren….plus meeting up with friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

But apparently I am one of those people who cannot sit still and I also wanted some extra money on the side for things not house related.  (Like that new handbag I had my eye on!)

So about two years ago I joined the Avon family and started selling their products and havent looked back at all….in fact I am doing so well and loving it totally I have officially retired and will be working my Avon full time.

I have formed a team (those representatives who joined Avon under my name) and we are doing great.  Plan to meet up with some reps soon and talk business.  Now you dont have to live in my neighborhood to join me (one of my reps comes from Chicago) because of today’s technology we can face time, talk on the phone or text.   So think about it…there are 3 kits you can choose from…..


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