There are no free rides

As a mom of five I was working full time but felt with all the kids grown and out of the house I wanted something to do when I retire….along came Avon – I have been a Rep for the past 2 yrs, love it, meet great people and make extra money for those extra joys in life….I am since retired and loving my new life.

I often come across FB posts that want to know about work that pays well.  But these people dont want scams and dont want to put any money upfront.  Well, there are no such things as free rides.  What people dont realize these days is you have to work for what you want.  Nothing comes free….oh, except those scams.

Can Avon make you rich?  YES – with hard work.  Orders dont come to you.  No one is looking to spend money.  You have to go out and get them.  Depending on how hard you work for it – you will do well.  Get out there and leave books all over, talk to your neighbors and friends and tell them to pass the word around.  Tell people Avon is more than just makeup.  An analyzes of my business just showed my highest sales is in fashion – I sell tops, pants, shoes, sandals and yesterday I delivered a coat to a customer who loved it.  She tried it on right there and was surprised how well it fit.  And that is another things – dont like it?  Fine, we take it back to be returned or exchanged….your choice!

So dont look for those get-rich-quick-schemes…..think about how long Avon has been in business (130 years) and realize they must be doing something right!  And yes we do have a start up fee – but how much is your choice…..I myself went for the smaller bundle – it is not just money upfront either… get products you can use to start your business.  One of my team members went for the big bundle ($100) because she wanted all the products and the tote bag also.

So contact me for more info to join my team or go directly to my website and click on #bosslife at


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    • Yes Cheryl….the only thing you pay for is the starter kit and you pick what you can afford. I love selling Avon, it’s a great company. I also use it so I get a discount on everything I buy myself. The website is yours, they hook you up and you personalize it – all free….Message me if you are interested in selling so I can put you on my team and give you all the help you need. Any questions? Let me know. I did it when my kids were small and then quit but was so glad I went back to selling again. No matter where I am I am selling Avon! Once you set up your website you have an address and that is what you give your customers to buy from…..they make it easy.

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