Do you ask for free samples?

I just read an interesting article entitled – The Art of Asking for Free Samples – which pushed me to write this blog.  I have never really come across people who do ask for samples.  Yes, they have asked me if they could return an item they purchased – which is always a yes with me – but never have they asked for samples.

The best part of Avon is they have loads of sample – from lipstick, to fragrances to creams – and they are all there for the asking.  Are people just shy or do they just dont know how to ask.  I am always carrying samples around with me – I sometimes leave them on tables and I always add them to any customer purchase.  I have had people call to ask for a product they received a sample for.

I am always thrilled when someone ask if I have a sample of a product they find online or through the books I give them.  It means they are interested in the product and I am more than happy to have them sample it!