Beauty Box

I have been reading blogs about Beauty Boxes.  There are a lot of companies out there who offer monthly subscriptions to these boxes. Every month the customer receives a box with several full size items – sometimes they put in a discount coupon for a purchase – and they all come in a beautiful wrapping and box.

I once subscribed myself but found some of the makeup I did not use and some I did not like.  What I liked would have cost a lot less than my monthly subscription.  I also was running out of room with all the makeup coming to me.

So what is the answer?  We all love makeup and would love to try out different types of makeup and one cannot just go into a store and try out mascara.

Avon has the answer.  Did you know that any item you buy and try – if you don’t like it – well it can be returned.  Did you know that Avon now has the A-Box – not a subscription but 5 full size products for you for the price of only $10 – each campaign is a different box and you choose which one you would like – or maybe you don’t want one that campaign…..but you get to see what’s in the box before you buy it.

Which I think is so much better than getting surprised….why dont you try it?  I ordered on already!

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