Book Review – I Wish You Happy

I Wish You Happy by Kerry Anne King

wish u happy


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rae runs into Kat – literally…..Kat is bicycling and turns into Rae’s car getting run over. Somehow she survives and Rae feels guilty (Kat was trying to commit suicide or so she thinks)….and then takes on the responsibility of getting her well. But Rae bites off more than she can chew – between working at the home where elderly people need her attention and opening up her home to Kat who is so dependent on her – it all becomes too much – that combination along with very little sleep leaves Rae spread out very thin.

When Kat attempts another suicide try it is time for Rae to do something about all of this responsibility she took on, along with her feelings for Cole, a crises worker helping her with Kat.

The book was interesting but dragged in certain places….but I needed to see what the outcome was in the end.

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