Deal of the Day #5

Have you ever wanted to try a skin care product but didn’t want to pay for the whole jar at that price because what if it didn’t work or you didn’t like it or worse, you had a reaction to it.

Well, today only you can obtain a Free Skin Care Travel Size Duo – it is a two week supply for you to use (a $24 value) at no cost to you.  If it works, it is a great way to find out and order that full size jar to use.  If it doesn’t work, then you have lost nothing….you may even want to try their other travel sized skin care products at a low price.

Nothing is worse than buying that big jar and it doesn’t work or you don’t care for it….So why not try the travel size (today only) and find out what works for you…..check it out at   

It’s one of the 12 deals of Avon!