I Wanna Go There….maybe

Before I got married I traveled a lot.  Actually I never thought I would marry….and that was ok.  So I put my energy into traveling.  I worked since I was 17, every year I saved for a vacation and every year (sometimes twice a year) I went someplace different.

I started slow because I never flew.  Got on a plane  one day and flew to Puerto Rico, St Thomas and few other islands.  And the travel bug bit me. I went  to Spain, Portugal, Florida and then finally quit my job and camped cross country all the way to California.  I loved traveling, it was easier back then.  Then I met the love of my life and got married and had 5 children…no time for vacations then (or money).  Although we did take family vacations to places like Sesame Street, museums, aquariums, beaches, etc.  Not easy traveling with five children.  But life was full.

When we became empty-nesters we decided on cruises….took one to Bermuda and another to the Bahamas…this is my favorite vacations.  But recently, the older I get I think of places I have never been….sort of making a bucket list….and the one place I think of often is Hawaii.  Although in the wake of the recent volcano eruptions….it sort of has been pushed in the background.  I cant imagine what it is doing to tourism but less the people who live there…Hawaii (watching so much of the show Hawaii 50) is so beautiful.  Cant imagine waking up to all that greenery and flowers that would never grow in NY.  So it remains on my bucket list….maybe some day.



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