Got Kids?

If you do, then you know all about bath time.  Actually when my children were young I truly enjoyed bath time.  It gave us time together for talking (without running after them) and for quiet time (except for the splashing).

Of course there was the clean up afterwards…but by then they were in bed sleeping.  That didnt end my day, but that’s a post for another day

I do remember trying to find the products that would help me with bedtime and that no-tears night was important.  There was a brand that I used because that was the only one on the market (you know the name) but I am glad to announce that Avon now has their own line of bath and body for kids.  

Check back soon to find out the great prices for bubble bath, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and detangler, moisturizer lotion, soapy slime body cleanser ….hint:  under $6.00 each   Toxin free…..

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