Plumes of a Pigeon

I guess you are wondering where this is going.  It happens to be a writing prompt from another blog  

It started me thinking of a man I met recently.  My hubby was in the hospital for a heart problem and was placed in a room with another man.  Younger and personable he started talking about his pigeons. He told us that he has coops on top of his roof and has been feeding them and caring for them for years.  He goes up every day and lets them out to fly around, they are even tagged.  They all return home to his roof.

The best story he told us is a time when they were dying one by one.  He had no idea why and was losing them quickly.  So he took an ailing one downstairs and got on the internet and queried the birds symptoms.  He somehow made an incision in the bird, found that the bird had an infection and proceeded to nurse that bird back to health by administering antibiotics.  He then gave all the other birds the same medicine and saved all his birds.

It amazed me how passionate this man was about his birds even to the point of missing them, though he did have a friend take care of them.  He couldnt wait to get out of the hospital to go see his birds.  We should all be so passionate about something.  I have had pets of all kinds – cats, dogs, fish, turtles – but never a pigeon….actually I have never really thought about them.  But it is nice to see they are thought of by someone……

Have you been passionate about an animal?  Tell me about it.

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