I chickened out

I made it a few weeks ago.  But as each day drew near, I started getting palpitations.  I didnt want to go, nobody could make me go and I wasn’t going.  I didnt have the nerve to call and cancel.  Hubby was going too.  But he wasnt having anxiety like me.  And so the weekend came and went….and here it was Monday, the day!

I couldnt get out of bed,  I was actually starting a headache….because of my anxiety.  And so I lay there until almost 9 am….our appointment was for 11:30 am.  Couldnt see myself getting out of bed for it but did have to get up anyway…had to drive hubby there.

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And so we got up, dressed, ate breakfast and proceeded into the car to make the trip.  Getting there I found absolutely no parking available.  Good excuse…so dropped off hubby in front of office and told him to tell them that I had a headache….and therefore, there was no way I could make my DENTIST APPOINTMENT today…..lol