So Sorry You Missed It

Yes, it has ended – As of August 20th you no longer can get it.  I am so sorry but I have been posting for the past two weeks hoping everyone would see it.  I did have three people who did and acted on it  They are very happy about it.  Actually someone asked about it this morning and I had to tell them that it is over……but

you can still join me in this venture, but not at the low price of only $10.  Now the prices went back to normal….but it is still worth it.  Become an Avon Rep today for only a small investment.  $25 or $50 or if you can,$100….the kits are great plus you get a free website.  All the help you need is from me….and I am a call, text or email away.  Ask the three new people I am currently mentoring on my team.

Contact me today……or just register on my website at to see what Avon is all about.