12 days of deals – #8

So we have given away free bath oil, a hydrating mask, some highlight powder, illuminating mist, mascara, a candle and even 20% off your order.  What could be next?  

Wait no longer, because today you will get Eye Cream.  And there is no other cream like it.  In fact I just ordered a jar again for myself…guess I should have waited for today and got it for #free.

This is a cream and an eye gel.  One for your upper lids and one for your under eye.  The skin around your eyes is thinner so it requires a special treatment.  Within 7 days you will see a dramatic life.  This jar is priced at $28 so getting it free is really a steal. 

I can truly say good things about Avon because I not only sell it but I also use it.  I feel that in order to give my customers an honest opinion about the products, I have to use the product first.  And so, I kid you not, when I say this products really works…..it really works.