12 days of deals – #11

So now you are all dressed up, took your beauty bath and put on your makeup, did your hair and what is the last thing you put on.  Ok, your shoes and coat will do, but dont forget that fragrance.  The one that last all night long and people turn their heads when passing you.  Or that woman in the restaurant who wants to know what that fragrance is that you are wearing.

Yes, I use most of Avon’s fragrances also.  I have gotten compliments always because Avon makes scents that are endearing and delightful to wear.  And we are giving that to you for free today only.

Your wardrobe is not complete if you dont smell delicious.  The best of fragrances is Haiku – although I have some other favorites also.  But if you are looking for a light fragrance – flowers like jasmine, lilies or some citrus or musk…Haiku has three selections and any one can fit your needs.