Ready, Set, Buy

I hate shopping – others love it. I dread going to the store…is it an age thing? The older I get the more I hate it. One time it was because I couldn’t walk or stand for long periods of time. But thankfully that has changed with my losing close to 40 lbs. Now I go for a daily walk around the block and try to extend my step count every day.

I still have supermarket shopping to do but most gifts are bought online. But then I realized my supply of paper goods was dwindling and it was time to restock.

So we rose early, had some breakfast and off to the Costco warehouse we went. Thinking it would be fine because it was a weekday and we got there about a half hour after it opened, I was amazed at all the people there. No parking, so went around for a while to get a spot and even the carts were limited.

But we finally made it in and decided we were only going to get what was on the list…..yeah, right. An hour later we finally finished, paid and packed in the car, we were on our way home. Of course, bringing in all the goods up two flights was not happening, so we waited until my son got home and he brought it all in for us.

The good thing is we have all our paper goods for the year, and we got a lot of walking in without being outside. How do you get your walking in?