I will not, I will not

Since retiring my days have been full. I run my own business, I go to meetings for my organization, and I go to WW every Tuesday morning. Therefore, I am pretty well organized on what I can do and what I must do.

Since May I have been on a road where I will do everything to make sure I lose weight and eat healthy. And so I do not deprive myself. I have a glass of wine now and then (I would drink more than one before) and even have dessert if I so want it.

And so I came up to this dilemma recently. Went out to dinner with hubby for our anniversary. Had a great dinner, a glass of wine but had decided I will not have dessert.

But we know the owner of the restaurant and he, being the great guy he is, made sure we went home with dessert on the house.

OK, there were 3 of them. We decided to celebrate by eating a half each. Now there are two left. And they are calling me….but…I will not, I will not.

2 thoughts on “I will not, I will not

    • It was, the half I had was great but you know, since not eating that much sugar anymore, I later had a blinding headache….really not worth it. But no harm, lost 2.6 lbs anyway.


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