Declutter yourself

I recently read a wonderful blog about decluttering and thought it was all about getting rid of stuff in the house (which I have made a resolution to do this year.) I have started with the kitchen (there are no longer pots sitting on my stove among other places) and to take one room at a time.

But this blog was about decluttering yourself. I have never thought about it but we so often find ourselves overwhelmed with “things to do” that we no longer have time for ourselves. I used to do more when I worked; and having recently retired I find I still do a lot but have the time to spread it out. My biggest problem is saying NO. Since I am retired people think I have loads of time to do things for them.

And so, on my list this year, I will stop to smell the roses (when they bloom after the winter), sit on the patio and read, talk long walks and say NO to some people who wish to take up my time.

It also covers decluttering your body which I have started already. Do we need all that sugar in us? No, and I am happy with the way my weight loss is going and my mind is working. Actually thinking of adding yoga to my life and meditation to declutter myself.

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