And the temperature is….

I woke up late this morning because went to bed late because there is this book I am reading and I can’t seem to put it down….

Anyway, I had all good intentions of doing things today because yesterday I spent reading and relaxing all day. So I finally got myself downstairs and in setting up for breakfast, my hubby calls down and says there is no hot water. Well, not the end of the world. Not as if there is no heat. So the plans I had for today had to go on the back burner and I am now waiting for the service man due this afternoon.

Meantime I checked the weather outside and found it is…..9 degrees? But it feels like… -13 degrees? OK, no way I am venturing out to complete some chores….at least it did not snow and turn to ice…. We can do this, only a few more weeks until spring….

There is laundry to be done and some bathrooms to be cleaned…now where did I put that book I was reading?

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