I have known grandmas

I have known grandmas who wont babysit.

I have known grandmas who moved away.

I have known grandmas who won’t have sleepovers.

I am not that grandma. Since they were babies they were in my house. I babysat, picked them up from school, made them dinner and took them on day trips.

I often worried that when they became teenagers I would not see them. Oh, yes there are holidays when we all get together. But that’s not what I mean. And so as they grow I find myself worrying, thinking about it …

But I have found I am truly blessed. Those teenagers now stop by on their own and stay for a bite to eat. They call when they don’t have school and ask to sleep over. They come over to play cards. Some do their laundry here. Some help me with my business. Some call and ask if we want to go out to lunch this afternoon.

I think I will be one of those grandmas who leave will her grandchildren with good memories. I am truly blessed.