Vitamin Me

I was never a person who took vitamins. Mom didnt believe in them and so I made my way through life without them and often eating the wrong foods also. The older I got the more I gained weight and I often got sick. My biggest sickness was earaches.

When I got married and met my in-laws they were in their 70s and doing so well. Talks with my MIL made me realize she was a big fan of vitamins. She also watched every food she ate making sure there was no red jello because it contained dye for the coloring. When I got pregnant with my first child was the first time I had a vitamin.

And so I saw my in-laws doing well (lived way into their 90s) and decided there must be some truth to taking vitamins. So when I wasnt taking pre-natal vitamins, I decided on taking a regular vitamin everyday. And the results are amazing…never felt better. Between my new weight loss program, my walking and taking vitamins….think I am becoming a healthier me.

I recently changed my vitamins though and have found these to be the best for me and also formulated for me. Do you take vitamins? Why or why not?

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  1. I take supplements daily. As a chiropractor, I have found a lot of supplements that are really just fillers, so it is important to choose carefully. One that I think everyone should take is magnesium. If we were to be tested,I would guess that everyone is deficient in this mineral!

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