Three more days to digital

I know we are all digital. Actually everything is digital…from watches to computers to cell phones…..everything is online. If you want to know, see, hear or find something….look it up online.

It was just the other day when I dropped off my grandson to a place I didn’t know – so I just put the address into the phone and poof, the exact location popped up.

So what do I mean by three more days to digital? Well, on April 3rd Avon is going digital. In the past we would sign up and pick a starter kit that contained loads of products, samples and brochures. Well, Avon wants you to ditch the brochures (not completely because they will still be available). But wants you to direct your customers to order online. Give them the online address and tell them they can view the brochure there and order.

There are pros and cons on that for me. A lot of customers love browsing through a book, love calling me to place their order (think they like to have chats more) and love having me place the order and deliver to them. On one hand I love interacting with my customers but also find their ordering online helps make my life easier. I really dont mind delivering orders except that sometimes it is hard to connect with people and find the right time to deliver. (We are all busy) And so digital helps me. Also the kits are different and while you have your choice of 3 different kits to start you off, now there is a base amount for them ($30 for any kit).

There is also more incentives online. Like free shipping, free products, lots of discounts and Hidden Hundreds (check back April 3 to learn about that one).

So if you are thinking of becoming an Avon Rep and haven’t made up your mind yet, think about going digital. Work from the comfort of your home with a free website and marketing tools, along with free social media posts to share…..and have a great income….all without leaving home.

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