Hidden Hundreds

I love giveaways and connecting to people. In fact I started a beauty group recently and am planning on doing a giveaway of makeup products when it reaches 200 members. So please join because the giveaway is coming soon.

But before that giveaway, my company is holding another one. Avon is hiding pink tickets worth $100 in online orders! All you have to do for a chance to be eligible to win one is to place an online Avon order between April 3rd and April 9th….There will be 10 winners per day, and there’s no limit on order size!

We all love makeup and the prices on my e-store are affordable. So check it out and see what’s in store for you….and you may be the winner of this $100 gift card giveaway…..if you receive a pink ticket you will receive a $100 pre-paid gift card within two weeks to spend wherever you want!

Any questions?