What do you do…..

….when the Kindle version of a book is more money than the paperback?

I always bought books…hardcovers and paperbacks. I had my own little library downstairs and loved it because there was also a small couch and my own space. Along came Storm Sandy and wiped out my book collection, I did save a few that were higher than the 4 feet of water that came in.

After that I decided I would just buy books for my Kindle which is always with me no matter where I go and can hold thousands of books. I am blessed as people tend to give me Amazon cards for my birthday, Mother’s Day etc. and I always use it for the many books I read. Have read 32 so far this year alone.

I also seek out free books and request books from NetGalley often so I do have those books. But recently I have come across some books I would like to read and when logging onto Amazon have seen that the Kindle edition is sometimes $3-$4 more than the paperback.

So my thought is…..do I still buy the Kindle version? or go for the paperback?

2 thoughts on “What do you do…..

  1. What’s hard for me is that you can only lend out some Kindle books and often you can only lend them once to one person. With paperback, after you read it, you can let anyone and everyone borrow it for as long as they like. So it seems you get more use out of paperback but I actually prefer to read on my Kindle. So my solution is typically to never buy books, I borrow almost everything I read on my Kindle from the library or get it as a gift.


    • Yes I’m a kindle reader mostly. Although recently I read a book for a book club that wasnt on Kindle, so I purchased the paperback and passed it on to a fellow reader. Told her to pass it on also. It felt good. Not many friends are Kindle readers so I rarely share my Kindle books. Thanks for stopping by.


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