How to keep your customers happy

I have always been a crusader for great customer service. Actually being kind should cover all things in life. One thing my mother did teach me was good manners and be good to your fellow kind. So I have also taught my children to do the same and have seen that passed down to their children (my grandchildren).

And so when I started my business I found being kind to my customers was a must. But how do you do that. Well, before the pandemic I went out of my way to drop off books, orders and sometimes even picked up coffee for my customers. Now that things have changed I find myself trying to do little things that make them smile.

lip balm in holders

I always, always send a thank you card and a little gift to my online customers. Some of them I have never met but I feel a bit closer to them if I send a thank you gift. Also, when I see they havent ordered in at least three months, I email them a discount code. We all love discounts whether it is a free product or a 10% off, I know how much it means to my customers. I treat my beauty group even better. I run giveaways for people who purchase online and give discount codes to customers who have birthdays coming up or who refer other customers to me.

These things have kept my customers happy and me in business during these trying times. What do you do for your customers?