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Phone store/people standing in line

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Where have all the meetings gone?

My business has been going well.  I love what I do and couldnt be happier with the people I meet and the job I have done.  Selling is getting easier for me because I am coming out of my shell and actually can start conversations with people.  I introduce myself, tell them what I sell and before I know they ask questions and if not selling items on the spot, I give them my calling card (the latest brochure), take their info down and they are happy to order online if not from me directly.

Part of my success is the help that I receive both online and from customer service.  We have a group on Facebook of other Reps who are constantly giving out great info.  I am a people person and I must admit I miss the monthly meetings we used to have years ago.  I suppose it is more cost productive to have web meetings….and it does the job…..but the interaction with fellow reps is sorely missed.

As I look around it seems more and more people are meeting online……and that is not only for a meeting…..want a date? go online.  Want food…order online.  Want clothes…..order online.  Even jobs are being done from home, online….when my children are home I usually ask what is the matter, only to find out they are working from home.

And so while online meetings are informative; meeting face to face with fellow reps would be more satisfying… me anyway.  If this is the future, what is next……??


I Carry My Store with Me

I bet you didnt know you can do that.  Who ever heard of carrying a store with you.  But the amazing part is, I do that.  I have no overhead…great not paying rent and my store can be stored anywhere.  I have my store in my bag, in my car and of course at home.  I bring it with me wherever I go.

I am an Avon Rep and all I need is my computer and brochures. The brochures are my store to give out to customers…everything I sell is in that book….My computer is my order book…and even better when I dont have the computer with me, my phone does the job.

Last week my husband was in the hospital, so I spent my time driving into the city, spending the day with him and then driving home at night.  Exhaustion set in as soon as I got home.  Did this for five days with my order being due on Sunday.  How was I going to get customers while taking care of hubby.

No problem.  Met people in the hospital, introduced them to my “store” – handed out brochures.  Took orders on my phone, gave out my business card.  While in the hospital I texted customers that orders were due on Sunday and they texted me back their orders.  Then I placed orders through the phone……and that is how I got $800 in orders to submit on Sunday night.  40% of that order is mine…..

There is nothing better than just needing your phone or even a pen and paper to work your business…..can you do this?

If I have your interest in becoming an Avon Rep, please contact me at on how to join my team.  You start off with a Starter Kit and free website…..and then you can take your store with you too!


Today we go home

In case you were wondering where I was, it has been a hard week for me.  On Tuesday hubby had a heart episode and I called 911 to get an ambulance to the house.  They came in five minutes, checked his vitals and we were on our way to the hospital.  Since it was serious we were then transported to another hospital in the city, where he has been since.


Today I take him home. After five of days of getting no rest (hubby’s words) but excellent care, he will be returning home to rest. I sit here writing this before I go to pick him up and think about the past five days.  What have I realized?

I hate sleeping alone (so much I put a pillow on his side so it feels like he is there.

The house is extremely quiet.  Not that he is a noisy husband, but the tv is always on…..I am not a tv person so I never put it on when I returned from visiting him (except to watch the Mets lose, 😦 another post sometime…..and so I returned to a quiet house and woke up to one – yes that is how much the tv is on.

I dont like eating by myself…..and so I lost a few pounds (the upside)

I drove into the city each day, so dealing with traffic was horrendous and parking in a lot is inflating my credit card….but he did get the best of care.  The doctor was amazing in the procedure he got; the nurses were personable and caring to his every whim (and he had a lot of whims)…they were even caring to me.  Taking this trip back and forth caused me to have some health issues of my own, and one day when I arrived and my feet were swollen, they brought me in a recliner so I can sit with my feet up.  As I was there all day, they offered me drink and food.  They explained any meds or preps they were doing.  They are the best nurses ever.  And I do know they have the hardest job.

And so it is time to leave, take my drive in, and bring my man home…..I am very happy.  Have a great day!


I Wanna Go There….maybe

Before I got married I traveled a lot.  Actually I never thought I would marry….and that was ok.  So I put my energy into traveling.  I worked since I was 17, every year I saved for a vacation and every year (sometimes twice a year) I went someplace different.

I started slow because I never flew.  Got on a plane  one day and flew to Puerto Rico, St Thomas and few other islands.  And the travel bug bit me. I went  to Spain, Portugal, Florida and then finally quit my job and camped cross country all the way to California.  I loved traveling, it was easier back then.  Then I met the love of my life and got married and had 5 children…no time for vacations then (or money).  Although we did take family vacations to places like Sesame Street, museums, aquariums, beaches, etc.  Not easy traveling with five children.  But life was full.

When we became empty-nesters we decided on cruises….took one to Bermuda and another to the Bahamas…this is my favorite vacations.  But recently, the older I get I think of places I have never been….sort of making a bucket list….and the one place I think of often is Hawaii.  Although in the wake of the recent volcano eruptions….it sort of has been pushed in the background.  I cant imagine what it is doing to tourism but less the people who live there…Hawaii (watching so much of the show Hawaii 50) is so beautiful.  Cant imagine waking up to all that greenery and flowers that would never grow in NY.  So it remains on my bucket list….maybe some day.


Ever think of becoming a rep?

Ever think about becoming an Avon Rep?  Not sure what is involved?  Dont have the fee for the starter kit?

Well you can stop thinking and start doing because right now there is a deal you really cant afford to miss.

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*Credit must be used during Campaigns 15 through 17, ’18.

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