12 days of deals – #11

So now you are all dressed up, took your beauty bath and put on your makeup, did your hair and what is the last thing you put on.  Ok, your shoes and coat will do, but dont forget that fragrance.  The one that last all night long and people turn their heads when passing you.  Or that woman in the restaurant who wants to know what that fragrance is that you are wearing.

Yes, I use most of Avon’s fragrances also.  I have gotten compliments always because Avon makes scents that are endearing and delightful to wear.  And we are giving that to you for free today only.

Your wardrobe is not complete if you dont smell delicious.  The best of fragrances is Haiku – although I have some other favorites also.  But if you are looking for a light fragrance – flowers like jasmine, lilies or some citrus or musk…Haiku has three selections and any one can fit your needs. 

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12 days of deals

I am sorry that Day 2 wasnt posted but life got in the way.  With Hanukkah starting tomorrow night I had to squeeze in all my chores and gift buying in a week – nothing like planning ahead….

To keep up with the 12 days of deals I would suggest you check out and “like” my FB page where it will post automatically…  


So now we jump to Day 3 – where another free item is available….highlight powder.  Dont forget to use the code for today – on my store.

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12 days of deals -day 1

Each day I will be posting great deals happening now on my website.  Haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet?  Take a look at these deals each day – or like my FB page – – and be reminded of the deal of the day everyday!

If you haven’t tried Skin So Soft yet, here is your chance – nothing makes you smoother and drenches your skin like Skin So Soft…get it free today!


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Black Friday Anyone?

I know the day is almost over and you are probably tired from all that shopping.  But today I sat home, out of the cold and crowds and ordered online all day – well in between the grandkids.  Three of them slept over and we dug into the leftovers, watched movies, and played cards.

But I did manage to go online for a period and start ordering holiday gifts.  You see, Chanukkah starts next week and with 9 grandkids I do have a lot of ordering.  I was out for a while but returned when the traffic was bumper to bumper and I couldnt even get across the main road.  Seems everyone was out shopping today.

I am also running a Black Friday sale and people are really ordering like crazy – have you seen it?  Great gift ideas for the whole family because Avon is not just makeup.  Look at these deals and hop on over to my store tonight…there is still time to order…


How many deals have you tried?

It seems that nowadays with the holidays around the corner, all you are hearing about is deals.  Discounts, free shipping and buy one get one deals.  But then again who doesnt love a good deal.  I know I am always looking for one.  Before I buy anything I check if the store is covered by Ebates where I get cash back for every purchase I make on most stores…even Avon. 

Then I look for coupons for free shipping and of course discount codes. So it was with delight that I found out Avon is offering all these great deals…so dont wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday because it is going on now….


Free Shipping Today Only

There are always codes for free shipping at Avon.  You automatically get it when you spend $40.  But what if you dont want to spend $40?  How can you still get free shipping?  Follow this blog because I always post about #free shipping on orders as low as $25.

Wait……here is one for today….just for you!


How lucky are you?

Most of us play the Lottery, some play cards or go to Vegas to do the whole gambling thing like roulette and black jack.  But how many times do you win?  Are you the lucky type of person who always wins something….whether it’s a dollar or thousands of dollars.  I know I dont even win when I enter a book giveaway.

For years my son has bought me scratch offs on Mothers Day and – well, it was fun scratching them off.  But I do keep trying…because you never know.

And so, once again, we are doing Sweepstakes on Avon.  Very easy – just enter – nothing to buy – but you get the chance to win such great hydration products for your skin…..


Enter to win! 10 people will be chosen to receive an entire set of the brand NEW Anew Hydra Fusion skincare line.