I know you think this is a scam.  What does she want in return?  Well, I have been doing this for 3 years now.  Not only on Social Media but also in person.  See a person, start talking and then introduce myself as the Avon Lady.

And I always have samples in my bag – and I hand that person one or two along with a brochure if they want one.  Not a pushy sales lady here.  But I have found when they go home and try a sample or two I then get a call asking me to order for them.

So here I am again – for the next 3 days only (expires Friday, Oct 20th) offering anyone who would like me to mail them samples (free of charge and obligation) just for you to try our fragrance or I might even throw in a skin care sample.W

Just contact me on my website at or email me at


Book Review – The First Word

The First Word by Isley Robson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars



Fast moving, sad and romantic all wrapped up in one story. Rhys’ son is autistic; wife runs out on family and he is left to raise him. Along comes Andie, pediatric OT, who comes with baggage of her own. But makes wonderful breakthroughs with Will (Rhys’ son). When she loses her job, Rhys offers her a job as OT for his son exclusively, residing in his home. Thinking this is what she needed to block out her own rocky childhood, she accepts but things get a bit hot when they both find themselves drawn to each other – at the same time Rhys’ ex-wife returns to the family.

Great Story, looking forward to other books by Robson.

Overstock their Stockings

Everyone loves stocking stuffers.  But what to get is another story.  Well, Avon has it covered because their stocking stuffers are not only small enough to fit into any size stocking – but excellent choices for children as well as adults.

Everyone needs lip balm and hand cream.  And here is a wide variety of Vita Moist, Moisture Therapy and Silicone Glove.  Actually if you dont need stocking stuffers – these are great to throw into your purse…..also available is lip balm in delicious flavors such as Marshmallow Frosting, Buttercream, Sugar Cookie and Candy Cane.

Some come with a 12 month calendar…..and the best part is you get all 10 for only $14.00 (order item #819254)  I already bought mine….how about you?  Head on over to my e-store now….at before this supply goes.


Book Review – Depth of Lies

Depth of Lies by E.C. Diskin


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Excellent read.The whole time you are wondering exactly what happened to Shea…did she commit suicide, did she get murdered or was it an accident. The book covers long time friends who lived near each other, raised their children together….until the day one of them dies. They all seem to blame themselves until Kat decides she is going to find out exactly what happened to Shea.

But in doing so she finds out all the lies and secrets between friends she thought she knew. I would have given it 5 stars but the story reads as a before and after and switches back and forth every chapter. For me that is hard to follow, although I did so and was surprised at the final outcome.

Planning to read other books by this author.

Book Review – Lift and Separate


Lift and Separate: A Novel by Marilyn Simon Rothstein

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Didnt think I would love this book. Just isnt my genre – BUT I loved it. How many things can go wrong in ones life? Just ask Marcy Hammer. She thought she had a great marriage only to find out her husband is cheating on her….he’s sorry, she takes him back – then his mistress is pregnant. That isnt enough but her mom falls, breaks her ankles – finds out she has cancer! And dont get me into what her daughter is doing.

This book is so refreshing and delightful to read that I finished it in 3 days…(that’s a record for me). I would have given it 5 stars but the ending left me hanging – I wanted more and more! Cant wait for October – when her next book comes out – Pass the Brownies. Sometimes it pays to read new authors.

Review – The Widow and the Orphan

The Widow and the Orphan by J. Thomas-Like


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, so, so, so sad. I had tears in my eyes reading about Pepper who found the man of her dreams only to find out that he was dying. Throughout the book we find out how Pepper and Gabe manage to pull themselves through this tragedy.

Insisting that they get married, Gabe treats her to a beautiful wedding only to be surprised himself when an unexpected child shows up! Having to plan a wedding, then a funeral and cope with motherhood….you wonder what will happen next…..yes, there is another surprise.

But you will have to read to book to find out the situation Pepper finds herself in next. Lovely story.