Show your Support

We all know someone who is fighting a battle with cancer.  I myself had a scare recently but fortunately the biopsy showed benign.  But it is all around us whether it is friends or family.  Avon is very involved in supporting the Breast Cancer Crusade.  So for every purchase, Avon will donate a portion to the Avon Foundation for Women to support Breast Cancer programs across the US.

So whether it is the necklace, or the charm bracelet or even the umbrella you purchase there will be a donation and you will be doing your part in this crusade.  Right now these items are available in Campaign 19 in my store at

The necklace (#047167) and the bracelet (#950914) go for as little as $6.00 while the umbrella (#350585) goes for $20.00 – by the way, it changes color when wet!!

Fall Fashion

With Fall just around the corner, have you asked yourself “What’s in my wardrobe?”  No, because summer is still hot and sticky and shorts and tank tops are still on our mind.  But before you know it Fall will be here with its cool weather, pumpkins and hot cider.  Why not take a look at Avon’s latest fashion?  This is only some of the items you will find in our brochure…..there is lots more – but that is another blog.

Right now we are offering the T-bar sleeveless top in hunter green with hardware at the front keyhole for only $19.99 in sizes small all the way up to 3X

How about the Lace-Up flutter sleeve blouse in white for only $19.99 also from size small to 3X

And lastly the Open Shoulder Mock Dress for $29.99 – polyester, machine wash also in sizes small to 3X


And here’s another A Box

Although I am often writing about my Avon business (which I love) I often find myself wondering what my customers would like to see.  I put myself out there and often get calls, texts and emails asking me about various products that I sell and always asking for books to be dropped off or mailed to them.

After some time planning my job of interacting with people and passing out my books and sample I have noticed that everyone is interested in something new.  Yes we all use mascara (usually black) and we all love eyeliner (colors vary) and of course we all need that skin care regimen….but what would really pump you up to go in there and order something new!

And I am finding out that our new A Box has everyone jumping.  A value of $48 but you can get it for only $10…..and a new one is available with every campaign…..I even buy them….was thinking of doing a raffle or a giveaway incentive on the ones I buy – if I can part with them.  I have a video here that maybe will have you looking at the A Box a different way…..maybe you would like one!  Need one?  Order it at

Dont Miss this Collection!

Are you skeptical about purchasing the A Box?  Did you miss the last one?  If you did, here is why it is so worth the $10 – I even purchased one for myself.  You cant beat the price and yet if you ever wanted to try out some of Avon’s makeup – now is the time to do it.

Unfortunately the first A Box is not available any more so it is on to the next A Box available with Campaign 19 which just started.  Need a book to browse through?  Contact me and I will gladly mail you one …

Here is what you will receive for again –  $10

True Color Glimmersticks Waterproof Eye Liner

True Color Wide Awake Mascara

True Color Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Lotion

Anew Platinum Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25

Anew Platinum Night Cream

This is a $52 Value but you can purchase it for only $10 with any $40 brochure purchase – you will also get free shipping!

What does your kitchen counter look like?

Delta recommends only 4 items on your counter


Coffee maker (of course, a day without coffee?)

Soap dispenser (can do, although I usually use the one in the powder room)

Stand Mixer (no way, baking days are over)

Fruit Bowl (fruit doesnt last long enough to be in a fruit bowl)

So that leaves me with only 2 items on my counter BUT where is the toaster oven, and the microwave?

Ok that makes 4 since I eliminated 2……BUT I also have my knives in a block, my container of tea, sugar bowl, coffee cup holder, and since my counter is small to begin with – no room..actually a little working area to make a sandwich or two.  I often clean off my counter of unnecessary items only to bring them out again because they are used…..every day… why go through the trouble of putting them in an out of the closet – which is jammed already.  I really need to rethink my kitchen counters…..but it is so much easier to leave the cookies out on the counter then to climb to get the out of the closet every time a grandchild asked for them!

What does your kitchen counter look like?