Book Review: Before and Again

Before and Again: A NovelBefore and Again: A Novel by Barbara Delinsky
My rating: 4 of 5 starsI received a copy of this book from Netgalley and although not a fan of the author, I did read it and must admit I truly loved this book. Not what I was expecting – it kept me turning pages to see where the story was going. Imagine driving along the road with your five year old daughter in the back, taking your eyes off the road for one second – passing a stop sign and crashing with another vehicle.

Not only does your daughter die, but you are brought up on charges….the nightmare begins. MacKenzie cannot see her life getting any better, but alas she does move away (after her husband divorces her) and begins a new life in Devon, where no one knows of her past.

But there is something about the past that just creeps up on you again, this time mixed with some drama happening in Devon…..each chapter only gets better and better as you feel the love, hate, sorrow and healing of the family. Put this one on your TBR list – due to be available on June 26, 2018.

This entry was posted on April 20, 2018, in Avon.

A shopping we will go…

The older I get the more I hate shopping.  Walking around and deciding what to buy is exhausting, hard on my knees and waiting in line is ridiculous.  Cant believe years ago we went supermarket shopping with five children….three shopping carts and managed to get everything home.  That wasnt counting the diapers and formula needed.

So as each day goes by I try to find different ways to shop…..and of course usually resort to online shopping.  Why not?  With Amazon I get two day delivery and free shipping.  But then comes the shopping I rather not do online…..

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Book Review: The Good Liar

The Good LiarThe Good Liar by Catherine McKenzie
My rating: 3 of 5 starsThis is a book about three women….when an explosion occurs in a Chicago building, their lives are changed completely. A year later there is a memorial, a documentary and a surprise about the lives of the people on that day. The lies and secrets dominate this book and while it was good, I found it a bit confusing trying to keep track of everyone.

I stayed with the book because I knew there was something about it not being told….some secret that would explain what started it all. Kaitlyn who runs away letting her family believe she died in the blast; Cecily who lost the husband she was thinking of divorcing and Franny, the long lost child who surprises us at the end….

Yours need a lift too!

As we get older and go through life, we find that things need a lift.

Sometimes it is only your attitude and feelings; sometimes it is more physical.

We lift parts of our body, whether it is by surgery or just by garments we wear.

But one of things we almost never think about needing a lift is our……

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What about magazines?

I love books and can read all day (except I do have chores and a business to run) but I recently decided in all that there is something missing in my reading.  Although I prefer a long reading time, life gets in the way and well, there is dinner to be done and doors to be answered and of course stopping for my grandchildren.  So what way was there to do quick reads?

Magazines…I havent read any in a long time…in my teenage years there was Glamour and Cosmopolitan; then I graduated to Good Housekeeping when I married and had babies.  But now I enjoy a good book so recently I subscribed to a few magazines…I went back to Good Housekeeping because there are a lot of good articles and recipes…..speaking about recipes, I also got AllRecipe and then added Martha Stewart’s Living (maybe I will decorate a bit)

Do you read?  Books?  Magazines?

How many did you get?

It seems Mother Nature is not done with us yet.  I pass by the Gardening Centers and see pansies and other flowers ready for planting,  I almost bought some to start planting – it is April already and I cant wait to get my hands into the dirt and start planting.  This year I am really going to work my garden….I got rid of my gardener because I love being creative with flowers.  I might even plant tomatoes again.

But I am glad I didnt buy any plants yet because this morning we got five inches of snow – many areas got up to 7 inches.  So I am continuing to wear my sweaters and winter coats….put on my boots to do some shopping – and am waiting to plant.  Maybe May?


Imagine The Possibilities

I love magazines and have recently subscribed to several….on food, beauty and weight loss.  One of the magazines I was reading today brought out such great things that I just had to share.  The editor in chief wrote her letter about fearing change.  I know the older I get the harder it is to change.  I get comfortable in my everyday living and am content.  Not sure that is a bad thing.  But she also brought out that this is an adult thing.  Kids on the other hand live in the moment, they improvise when things dont go their way…they dont have anxiety over whether they made the right choice or not.


And it is true.  The thought of moving has crossed my mind a million times and I still cannot decide.  Can I use a house where everything is on one level (cant do stairs anymore)….or how about going to a warmer climate (cant do snow anymore) – yet, the idea of packing or leaving the children – although all grown with families of their own – is mind boggling and therefore I still havent decided.

The younger we are, we can jump into the unknown.  Like my son who is moving to another country – so far away.  Today’s youth step out of their comfort zone and try something new.  It is an adventure to them….and if it doesn’t work, they can always come back to the US.  But then I remember when I was young also – I did step out of my comfort zone when I up and quit my job to go cross-country with two friends….a bag of clothes, some camping equipment and a car….was it really 48 years ago.

Then I thought what does age have to do with it.  Why do we over-think everything.  And as old as I am I did jump into the unknown when I became an Avon Rep….retired from my job to do it full time and have never looked back.  I am all over the place, meeting people, dropping off books and taking orders.  I deliver to where my customers are comfortable (one wants me to deliver where she bowls, and in doing so, I have met even more customers)

So, yes, lets all take that leap out of our comfort zone…because you never know the possibilities that are out there and where they may lead unless you take that leap out of your comfort zone….mine is leading toward being in the President’s Club of Avon….one of my goals this year!