So Sorry You Missed It

Yes, it has ended – As of August 20th you no longer can get it.  I am so sorry but I have been posting for the past two weeks hoping everyone would see it.  I did have three people who did and acted on it  They are very happy about it.  Actually someone asked about it this morning and I had to tell them that it is over……but

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Plans change…and then

Have you ever had your day/week planned out.  I am a planner, I use a planner.  Besides the calendar in my phone, I keep a physical planner for my everyday life and my business.  And each moment is filled with something I must do, or see, or buy or deliver.  And so my week starts off with a visit from the grandkids, wanting to sleep over…so laundry that was planned does not get done.  I also planned to deliver an Avon order to a customer tonight. But alas those plans were changed because I could not install the thermostat I bought (you know the ones that I can control with a cell phone).

I waited for the tech to install it and in the process he blew out a fuse in my HVAC system.  So the plans I had tomorrow morning to go to my Weight Watchers meeting, will have to be changed as the HVAC tech will be here at the same time.  Maybe I will go later in the day or push it to Wednesday.  Was also planning to visit my son tomorrow night but he got a viral infection and with hubby’s resistance we could not chance a visit.

I still have to go shopping for the block party coming up on Saturday and trying to figure out when to fit that in.  Thursday is doctor day for hubby and I also have to take my grandson to his golf lesson.  Somewhere in between all this I will be delivering Avon brochures to old customers and new customers in the neighborhood.

I guess it is true what they say – Man makes plans and G-d laughs.  But this is minor compared other people’s  life changes and so it is all fixable or changeable.  And that is why pencils have erasers….

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Free Skin Care Kit – Girls Week

Starting today, you can place an order on my website and get free shipping on a $25 purchase.  Great for those of you who just need some eyeliners and mascaras.  But this offer wont last long.

But wait, also with this offer if you do find you can place a $50 order (there is always something more we need) you can then receive a Free Ultimate Skin Care Set…..along with your free shipping.  Use the code ULTIMATEKIT today..

Stop Faking It

The thing about beauty is it’s fleeting.  We start out as a cute baby (most of us anyway) and grow into a cute toddler, and then by the teenage years we are experimenting with beauty and colors and accessories.  Our 20s and 30s find us trying to stay in those decades because inevitably we find ourselves pushing 40….and by 50 we are wondering what happened.

Some of us accept what we are and look like, content in that fact that at our age who are we kidding.  We would need a lot more makeup to get back to looking like 20.  Or you can go the other way, surgery is always a option, although I am not one to go that way.  And so we find what we were doing for our skin in our 20s has a way of catching up to us.

But if you turn on the TV today, you will find all kinds of skin care products telling us they will get rid of those wrinkles, make your lips fuller, lashes longer and skin smoother.  But are you willing to send hundreds of dollars to do that?  I always believed that starting to take care of our skin in our 20s affords us the best possible skin later in our lives.

I have always wanted longer lashes.  The boys in my family have such long and full lashes….while us gals are piling on the mascara.  Or maybe putting on some fake eyelashes.  Or permanent eyelashes.

Well, no more – because I have found UNLIMITED LASHES… In just weeks your lashes look longer, fuller and healthier.  Avon’s unique serum, with a peptide blend and botanicals, is designed to dramatically enhance the look of your lashes….so you never have to FAKE it.

Dare to compare to prestige brands sold from $80 to $150… can get this serum for only $39.99 Plus get a FREE Eye Lift Pro with your purchase…..Check out my store at 


Did You Miss It?

Yesterday was National Lipstick Day and you could have received a free lipstick from many cosmetic companies.  But I guess you missed it.  I myself took advantage of $5.00 lipsticks….well, you didnt know that you can purchase lipstick for only $5.00?  Check out my brochure for this great deal….

But today I am declaring National Eyeliner Day because again we are having a great sale….Best Deal Ever – any 3 for $9

How much was your eyeliner last time you bought?  Also available is brow liner and Lip Liner, why not get one of each?

Check out my brochure again for this great sale…all colors available…

They Love My Ankles

The summer is here and I love it – the warm weather is for me, not a snow person at all.  Cant walk in it, can never get warm enough and all those clothes…coats, hats, gloves, boots, socks etc.

And so I wake every morning loving the warm day ahead of me…..except when I go out – there they are – every bug galore.  My house is surrounded by flowers which draw the bugs and mosquitoes….and then there are the trees….and somehow when I open my doors before I can shut the screen door, those little buggers come in and make themselves comfortable………..on my ankles.

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They are especially hungry at night…if I answer the door – in the two minutes it takes to open and close the door, my ankles are bitten up.  As an Avon Rep I sell sprays that will prevent this but who remembers to spray themselves before opening the door for company.  And so it is during that time my little bug friends love me.

But scratching is not an option – and so it is the Anti-Itch Spray that has become my friend.  One spray and the itch goes away – I feel like I got back at the mosquitoes who lunch on me.  My only regret is that it is a small bottle…so I have to buy a few to make sure I always have it in the house.

Did you know there is a sale on Bug Guard?  No?  Take a look at my website today….and dont let the bugs bite you!

Do you use this in the summer?

Every time I think of hand cream, I think of winter.  Why?  Because winter is the season where the cold makes your hands dry.  And so I make sure I use hand cream all day long.  When I am inside the house, especially after washing dishes.  When I am outside in the cold weather.

But have you ever thought of using it in the summer?  I am not sure most people even consider it…why? the weather is warmer, the sun gives us Vitamin D….and some people think sun tan lotion does the same job (yes, they have often told me this).

But I feel you need those hand creams during the summer even more because the sun dries out your skin also.  So I have a tube in my bag always and use it in the morning, while I am out in the sun and also at night before bed.

How about you?