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Out of all the stones out there….and my birthstone which I love (amethyst) turquoise comes in as one of the top ones.  It goes with everything….diamonds do too, but who can afford them…so I tend to go with turquoise for wearing casual wear and dress up.

I love it with black and dark colors but in the picture below you can see it also goes well with white.  I love the necklace more than the bracelets or earrings because it is the first thing your eye will go to.  And it makes a statement…people will ask you where you got it!

The necklace and earrings come as a set for only $19.99 – available now at my online store


Tough Girl Tees

Get ready for a new trend.  Tees that show a beautiful desolate landscape or a graffiti heart graphic with long sleeves and thumbholes.

Or a “Take a Risk” tee with “or lose the chance” written at the hip…..

Dont like tees, then try our beautiful What a Scene scarf – polyester, hand wash, line dry……

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The New South West

We have a collection inspired by the true American West.

Blues of desert skies, crimsons of the canyons of Nevada and neutrals of the Apache Trail.

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Sizes go from Small (size 4) to 3X (size 28 Womens)

Sante Fe

I am a lover of turquoise.  I give it as gifts also because I think it goes with everything, has a special list and is very eye catching.

So now that Avon has put together their Santa Fe Collection I really cant decide which ones I like more.

The necklace is definitely on my list especially since it has an extender and you get the earrings with the set for only $19.99

You can add a ring and bracelet to that set also….one is a stretch bracelet and the other is a cuff……they also have stud earrings and chandelier earrings…….something for everyone.

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Big & Daring

Or sometimes Big and Multiplied, – there are so many to choose from.  We have one for any type of lashes that need mascara.  I have tried them all but have finally settled on Wide Awake….the best one for me.  Dont know which one to choose?  For only $7 to $10 you can buy one and get the second one or half price….that’s anywhere from $3.50 to $5

Where else can you get two mascaras for only $10.50????

Check them out and see which you prefer…24 hour volume, waterproof, strengthening and lengthening, super extend….and many more.  Here at my Avon online store.


I have small ones

I woke up this morning and saw it was cold and snowy out.  Just checked the temp outside and while it is 16 degrees it says it feels more like zero.  Yes, I said zero.  Time to move to Florida?  I probably would if most of my children and grandchildren didnt live here.  Cant see me leaving just yet.  So I manage with my arthritis and knee pain – and am staying in today.  We decided not even to go out food shopping although the closet is getting bare.  We actually got on the phone and called the local supermarket to order for delivery.  Just got the staples and that was enough…..actually spent less than usual because we got what we put on a list and not what our eyes saw to buy (even if we didnt need it)

So by staying in I couldn’t decide if I should put on makeup or not.  Just hanging around, relaxing and reading. But when I went to the bathroom I noticed that my eyes are so small and you can hardly see them.  What if someone dropped by?  I decided then that at least I would put on a bit of eyeliner just to show that I do have eyes.  Somehow they get lost in my face without makeup.  No mascara, just eyeliner…and at least I feel a bit dressed.  How about you?  Do you ever go without makeup?  And when is that?


Avon has eyeliner today – buy one and get one for half price