Do you use this in the summer?

Every time I think of hand cream, I think of winter.  Why?  Because winter is the season where the cold makes your hands dry.  And so I make sure I use hand cream all day long.  When I am inside the house, especially after washing dishes.  When I am outside in the cold weather.

But have you ever thought of using it in the summer?  I am not sure most people even consider it…why? the weather is warmer, the sun gives us Vitamin D….and some people think sun tan lotion does the same job (yes, they have often told me this).

But I feel you need those hand creams during the summer even more because the sun dries out your skin also.  So I have a tube in my bag always and use it in the morning, while I am out in the sun and also at night before bed.

How about you?






Black and White

Got your summer on yet?  It’s steaming in NY and what better way to keep the sun from bleaching your hair or giving you sunstroke….than to wear our beautiful hat.


The color – black and white – goes with everything.  But being summer, why not wear white only and top it off with an Off Duty Hat.

Straw-like, wide brimmed fedora with a white and black pattern.  One size fits most.  Wipe clean…

Order today #770506 for $22 at my estore while supplies last.

Got Kids?

If you do, then you know all about bath time.  Actually when my children were young I truly enjoyed bath time.  It gave us time together for talking (without running after them) and for quiet time (except for the splashing).

Of course there was the clean up afterwards…but by then they were in bed sleeping.  That didnt end my day, but that’s a post for another day

I do remember trying to find the products that would help me with bedtime and that no-tears night was important.  There was a brand that I used because that was the only one on the market (you know the name) but I am glad to announce that Avon now has their own line of bath and body for kids.  

Check back soon to find out the great prices for bubble bath, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and detangler, moisturizer lotion, soapy slime body cleanser ….hint:  under $6.00 each   Toxin free…..

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We should hang out soon

How often do you hang out with friends? Is it easy or hard? Here’s a great blog on what we all say and do.

oh grow up

We’ve all said that one a lot and then never actually made plans. It’s normal. We’re busy. As an adult you no longer have the confines of school to encourage and facilitate social interaction. But it can be a bummer when we really do want to make plans with friends and it just doesn’t seem to happen.

This has been a particularly striking topic for me lately, mostly because I don’t have many friends in the area I’m living. I have roommates (who thankfully are also friends) and like one other friend. Three other old friends live back near my family, a couple of hours away, a few friends live in other parts of the state, and a lot of friends live in different states or even countries. It makes casual hangouts kind of hard.

That being said, carving out time to spend with friends is super important, and something…

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Meet and Greet: 6/23/18

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s time for the Meet and Greet weekend everyone!!  Strap on your party shoes and join the fun!  

Ok so here are the rules:

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Do you Glow?

Why just gloss when you can Glow….I am not one to use lipstick.  I guess I havent found the right one or the right color.  But put me in touch with lip gloss and I go nuts.  I cant get enough colors and love the shine.  They all look good on me….guess they just glow…..Avon has more shine and more moisture and more color in their lip gloss.

And there is no stickiness…..right now they only cost $5.99…formulated with moisturizing chia seed and rose hip oils – paraben free….

There are 21 shades – right, I said 21…..I am working my way through all of them….did I say they were only $5.99?


Check them out here…………

Use code WELCOME10 to receive a 10% discount


Who needs an extra $200 every two weeks?

It is POSSIBLE to earn this amount and MORE!!!

Share your brochures with:
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Bakery employees/people standing in line
Phone store/people standing in line

Interested?  Ask me how,,or join at (use reference code ashapiro)

PLUS ask businesses if you can leave brochures on their magazine table/rack or front counter 🙂

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