Is there a horse in the house?

Every year I make a list of gifts to get my grandchildren.  With 9 grandsons I have to start early.   I do have one that comes over during the week and insists I put another gift on his “wish list” so I dont forget what he wants.  But the older they get the harder it becomes as to what to buy.  They arent helpful at the age of 13 – 16 – anything will do, even money and gift cards.  But I love to buy gifts and get them home to wrap them up.

So I usually ask them to make me a list of what they would like so I can pick out from the list and surprise them.  The younger ones are the easiest especially when they have their own theme.  Pokeman – anything Pokeman – a blanket, a thermos, a plushie, a cup, cards, little pokemans……just google the word and loads come up.  Same with Minecraft and Batman.


And then there is that one grandchild who wants —— a horse.  Of course where he lives there are ranches and places where he can ride horses.  He even had his birthday party there….so I googled horse gifts and again, there are loads out there – from horse stamps to horse blankets to horse night lights…..His room is filled with horses in some form or another.  Maybe there is a future equestrian in the family!


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Wild Country



Aromatic Woods

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Cherished memories

It seems this generation does not follow tradition much.  When cleaning out my house a few years back to move, I found items from when my children were young.  Asking them if they would like their cherished memories to keep for themselves, they all were not interested.  Guess we live in a “throwaway society” and I think that is sad.  When my in-laws passed I kept some of her items she had – special mugs, some pictures, wall hangings and plates.

I also have some items for myself like pictures, even precious moments dolls, along with bracelets and even my dog’s collar who passed away.  I cant seem to part with some things.  But what will happen to them when I pass on.

I recently came across an item Avon is selling that made me think of these memories.  Bracelets and earrings called Cherished Memories……

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Bowling time

Are you a bowler? Have you ever been. That was one sport (if you can call it a sport) that I loved and excelled in. I even belonged to a league. Now at the age of 70 I am more inclined to stay away (the knees arent what they used to be) but I still love to watch it….

So this weekend when I was invited to my grandson’s birthday at a bowling alley, I was excited to go.  And I wasnt disappointed.  The kids had a ball, and I loved watching them.  Taking pictures of them, and the way they got into bowling was great.  They also had arcade games there so the little ones who didnt want to bowl could be entertained.

And what better food than pizza, chicken fingers, and french fries……

Sweet Sixteen – Just Yesterday

Yesterday was a celebration of my grandson’s birthday…..16?  So where did the time go?  Wasnt it just yesterday I was Sweet 16?  I remember being given the choice of either a birthday party or driving lessons….guess which I picked – the driving lessons of course.  And now I have been driving for 64 years already – I remember my aunt telling me she had been driving for 50 years already and I thought – wow, that’s a long time.  I think that was just yesterday also.-

But there was also my children – they all celebrated their 16th birthday – yesterday!  Now they range from 34 to 40 years old and are celebrating their children’s birthdays.  At least some of the children are still in the single digits.  This grandson is the oldest.  Some people have grandchildren getting married – cant imagine that.  Life is going way to fast for me…and there is no way to slow it down.

But on the bright side, they are all good things to look forward to – birthdays and parties and family.  So we all got together yesterday for brunch and celebrated – he was even talking about driving …