Today we go home

In case you were wondering where I was, it has been a hard week for me.  On Tuesday hubby had a heart episode and I called 911 to get an ambulance to the house.  They came in five minutes, checked his vitals and we were on our way to the hospital.  Since it was serious we were then transported to another hospital in the city, where he has been since.


Today I take him home. After five of days of getting no rest (hubby’s words) but excellent care, he will be returning home to rest. I sit here writing this before I go to pick him up and think about the past five days.  What have I realized?

I hate sleeping alone (so much I put a pillow on his side so it feels like he is there.

The house is extremely quiet.  Not that he is a noisy husband, but the tv is always on…..I am not a tv person so I never put it on when I returned from visiting him (except to watch the Mets lose, 😦 another post sometime…..and so I returned to a quiet house and woke up to one – yes that is how much the tv is on.

I dont like eating by myself…..and so I lost a few pounds (the upside)

I drove into the city each day, so dealing with traffic was horrendous and parking in a lot is inflating my credit card….but he did get the best of care.  The doctor was amazing in the procedure he got; the nurses were personable and caring to his every whim (and he had a lot of whims)…they were even caring to me.  Taking this trip back and forth caused me to have some health issues of my own, and one day when I arrived and my feet were swollen, they brought me in a recliner so I can sit with my feet up.  As I was there all day, they offered me drink and food.  They explained any meds or preps they were doing.  They are the best nurses ever.  And I do know they have the hardest job.

And so it is time to leave, take my drive in, and bring my man home…..I am very happy.  Have a great day!



They Came and They Went

I am sitting here, at the end of the day called Mother’s Day and contemplating how blessed I am.  My own childhood being a rocky one, up days and down days, I always longed for a large family and lots of hugs, kisses and love.

And so my dream comes true….blessed because I have 5 beautiful, loving children who are healthy and happy…they have given me their wives who are also loving and of course, a total of 9 grandchildren.  They came today to my small house (because when they all moved out, who needed a 5 bedroom house) but somehow we all fit in.  We would have used the back yard if it wasnt raining all day…..but that didnt make a difference.

We ordered out food, took pictures, had cake (oops diet, sorry) and there was lots of love, hugs and kisses to go around.  What more can a mom say other than she is very content to be one of the blessed ones.  And so they all left…..And now it is quiet….hubby is tuckered out and napping..think I will read some…..

Hope everyone’s Mother’s Day was great!

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A shopping we will go…

The older I get the more I hate shopping.  Walking around and deciding what to buy is exhausting, hard on my knees and waiting in line is ridiculous.  Cant believe years ago we went supermarket shopping with five children….three shopping carts and managed to get everything home.  That wasnt counting the diapers and formula needed.

So as each day goes by I try to find different ways to shop…..and of course usually resort to online shopping.  Why not?  With Amazon I get two day delivery and free shipping.  But then comes the shopping I rather not do online…..

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It’s time to start….today, no tomorrow…oh, maybe next week

Busy day with shopping and salons, picking up things, running around.  Have to go out towards the island to pick up the suits….maybe tomorrow….ok, so what is for today….thinking ahead we should go food shopping.  Grandkids are coming for a sleepover – and so the sun is shining and my thoughts are turning to……….

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It was beautiful….

I have been feeling a bit down lately.  Probably because the winter wont go away….or spring wont come yet.  Been in the house way too much also.  Hubby is not well…his idea of life is eating, watching tv and sleeping.  While I dont blame him – the meds make him tired – and each year seems to be harder for him….I have found that I need to move….so I had finally decided ….

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Going to do it all by myself

The time has come for me to give up the help.  It was easier when I was working to hire someone to do it.  And then I would sit back and admire it.  It is not hard, but then again, was I just lazy or did the thought of doing it after I came home from work just too much.  I really dont know….even having someone else do it, there were aspects I wanted to do myself…but somehow it never got done and looking at it, you can see where I went wrong.

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