Change is coming; oh the complaints!

What is it with change that everyone needs to complain. As I scroll through FB recently whether it is a comment about the weather or a business (and dont make me go to politics – not doing that) you will find an enormous amount of people complaining about the change.

This country did not grow by not changing, go back to pioneer times – a lot of things changed since then. Change is good (well most of it is) and as we continue to grow hopefully our mindset with grow also.

Recently the company I work with has introduced many changes. When a company wants to grow that is what happens. Yes we are all used to the same old things and they do work. But there is also room for new things and instead of complaining why dont we just embrace them? Do I like changes – heck no – I am too old for changes. But change I must do if I want my business to grow.

Avon is no different. They want to grow and they want you to grow. They are offering incentives that need you to grow in order to attain your goals. Goals like trips to Jamaica and Hawaii…..They are giving you more commission if your business grows online as opposed to face-to-face sales. Actually I would love to do more business online although I love my customers and talking to them.

Recently our website had been changed. Confusing? Of course! Where did our Sales Tracker go? It was there just in a different location and once you got used to where it was – well no big deal. So all I can say is stop complaining and get with the program…..if our country didnt we would all be traveling in horse drawn buggies still.


Cleaning up Twitter

I am trying to interact with all my social media accounts. Love FB because I can keep up with family and friends more quickly than phone calls, although I love to talk on the phone. But with so many people out there, FB affords me a great contact source.

Now onto Twitter where most of my posts are either inspirational, book reviews or business. I do connect business wise with more people on FB but like to get out into Twitter with some short posts. But lately I am finding I am following people who are not following back. I recently closed my Twitter account because of a hacking problem; but went on to open another one. I am trying to build up my contacts because I love interacting with people.

In fact I recently won a contest (and I never win anything) through Twitter and find some of the post inspirational and informative (especially by book friends)

So this morning I went through the people I follow to find out if they are following me back. And hence I deleted quite a few. The more recent ones I left because not everyone follows back right away, so thought I would give them some time.

Am I the only one who checks my followers and then follows back. I think its courteous and the right thing to do. I wonder why others are not so quick to follow back? I know most of my posts are about makeup, jewelry, fashion and skin care but there are tweets from my followers that I am not really interested in either. But there are also so many tweets out there that are so interesting and worth looking into – or at least hitting that little heart if not retweeting.

But thats ok, it is what it is…..but rest assured if you follow me, I will follow back. Check out my Twitter and lets follow each other, you never know when I will run a contest or two.

My Little Valentines

Well, not mine per se…but they are adorable. And they are wearing a fashion currently on sale at Avon. Too early for Valentines Day? Not really, I already put my door hanger up – lots of hearts in red…but go into any store and what is there? Red all over.

These little outfits are adorable and affordable; every little one would love it. Check out the price here.

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Declutter yourself

I recently read a wonderful blog about decluttering and thought it was all about getting rid of stuff in the house (which I have made a resolution to do this year.) I have started with the kitchen (there are no longer pots sitting on my stove among other places) and to take one room at a time.

But this blog was about decluttering yourself. I have never thought about it but we so often find ourselves overwhelmed with “things to do” that we no longer have time for ourselves. I used to do more when I worked; and having recently retired I find I still do a lot but have the time to spread it out. My biggest problem is saying NO. Since I am retired people think I have loads of time to do things for them.

And so, on my list this year, I will stop to smell the roses (when they bloom after the winter), sit on the patio and read, talk long walks and say NO to some people who wish to take up my time.

It also covers decluttering your body which I have started already. Do we need all that sugar in us? No, and I am happy with the way my weight loss is going and my mind is working. Actually thinking of adding yoga to my life and meditation to declutter myself.

Down, down, down

It’s the only way I want to go. I started going down on May 1, 2017 and will continue to do so until I get to my destiny. It’s not an easy trip either. I have fallen a few times but I picked myself up and continued to go down.

And so as of this morning, I am down 40 lbs…and still planning on going down. Do you have a weight loss story?

Wrinkles Be Gone

I started using face creams when I was in my 30s and havent stopped. I used all kinds until I finally found the ones that work. Ones – meaning I use several. I use an night cream and a day cream and as an Avon Rep I have tried many others – this because I want to give an honest opinion to my customers.

So almost 4 decades later, I am happy to report that I would never give up my Anew line of face creams. I started with Vitale because in my 30s my skin was really clear and wrinkle free, so I wanted to keep it that way.

The older I got the more I realized that I needed to change up my face creams to be in line with my age. I have found Ultimate is to be the best during those middle age years. And now that I have entered the grandma stage and want to reverse the look, I am using Reversalist.

Avon has just come out with a new treatment called Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol which you can get for free with only a purchase of two Anew products. So I added this to my daily routine and have seen a difference already. And now you can get it for free. (A $40 value)

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I will not, I will not

Since retiring my days have been full. I run my own business, I go to meetings for my organization, and I go to WW every Tuesday morning. Therefore, I am pretty well organized on what I can do and what I must do.

Since May I have been on a road where I will do everything to make sure I lose weight and eat healthy. And so I do not deprive myself. I have a glass of wine now and then (I would drink more than one before) and even have dessert if I so want it.

And so I came up to this dilemma recently. Went out to dinner with hubby for our anniversary. Had a great dinner, a glass of wine but had decided I will not have dessert.

But we know the owner of the restaurant and he, being the great guy he is, made sure we went home with dessert on the house.

OK, there were 3 of them. We decided to celebrate by eating a half each. Now there are two left. And they are calling me….but…I will not, I will not.