A Velvet Bomb

The word bomb in itself is scary. No one should know the results of a real bomb and unfortunately many have. But a bomb can have many meanings….

  • Bomb, a common blackbird in the Angry Birds video game series
  • Bomb (kick), a high kicking tactic used in various codes of football Bomb
  • Bomb, Australian slang for a jalopy

But my bomb is velvet. And it smells and feels delightful. The best part is you can get it free by using code JULY50.

In this case the word bomb is used in relationship to a bath. And who here doesn’t like a bath bomb.

For a decadent bath, indulge in a luxurious burst of luscious fig, sumptuous rose and warm patchouli as you soak in the sophisticated yet sensuous scent.

• Conditioning ingredients
• Leaves skin feeling velvety smooth and beautifully scented

Drop into running bath water.

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I am sorry I almost killed you

How do you say you are sorry. It was something I didnt mean to do and will definitely not do again. You can’t really blame me….I am so busy. There was all the family I had sleep over last week, then the shopping, then the volunteer work I signed up for. Today was Avon delivery day plus the doctor’s appointment in the morning. I really didnt mean to do it.

So I promise from now on I will get up early and before taking my morning walk, I will water you, my beautiful flowers …you will never wilt/die from my negligence again!

Do you love yourself?

This topic came up this morning at my weekly meeting at WW. We spoke about our bodies and how our negative thoughts impact how we feel about ourselves and how we treat ourselves.

Do we gain a few pounds and feel disgusted and end up binge eating? Are we afraid to put on a bathing suit because – well our body isnt what it use to be. Those extra pounds have settled in our legs, bellies and arms and we sure don’t want to show them off.

No one is perfect and how we see ourselves often come from outside people whose opinion has changed our thoughts on how we see ourselves. Why can’t we be satisfied with who we are. We do our best. We look our best. (Unless you are a complete slob) Most of us dress fairly nice and maybe we aren’t a size 2….but hey a size 16 will do or even a size 22. If we focus on the end game, and concentrate on reaching our goal…which doesnt have to be a size 2.

We need to look at the positive side of legs….not that they are heavy but that they take us on long walks through beautiful park. Not that our bellies are protruding….but that they were able to carry children to term and give us the joy of family. Be thankful for what we have while others may have firmer arms and legs…there are some who do not have arms or legs and would give anything to have any kind of arms or legs…flabby or not.

And so, I leave you on this note: Try to find one positive thing about yourself at least once a week. Put a smile on your face, be kind and be thankful for once again being alive and growing old because some never get that privilege.

And now they are gone

The past two weeks (thats why I havent been around) have been filled with joy and hugs and kisses. You see, my son and his family now live in Hong Kong and I havent seen them in a year.

But the end of joy brought his family to my house where they stayed for 12 days. We had breakfast together, went out to lunch together and even took in a ball game and watched the fireworks.

The days were hectic with visits and plans that included their friends and our family. It was so great to see their beautiful faces and both boys had a ball especially when their cousins came over and played with them.

The house was loud, busy, messy and hectic, and I loved every minute of it. They left a few days ago to visit their other grandparents in another state and the house got soooooo quiet. Gone were the giggles and noise…back to cooking for two and sitting on the patio to read (didnt do much of that when they were here).

It will probably be another year before we see them, but there is always Skype which we try to do once a week. But it is not the same and I miss those hugs and kisses. Guess it will have to last for another year. And I have lots of pictures to look at.

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What are you reading today?

I love books and reading and wine….somehow I put them all together. I have another blog for just reviews of books but had to add the latest book I have read to this blog.

If you want a book that keeps you turning the page and yearning for more when you are done (by the way, the author just finished the sequel to Book 1) then hop over to my Book Blog and read this review….

Book Review at and if you love books, please follow me on that blog because I review every book I read….

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My lips are sealed

One of the many makeup items that I always wear is lipstick. As a beauty boss I have tried a lot of them. I did find a few I liked, some were discontinued and some I decided weren’t right for me. I am still out there trying on and looking for the right type of lipstick.

At last I no longer have to look because today was the day I found the perfect…..yes, I said perfect….lip color. I was hesitant to try it but decided for my customers sake, I would try it so that I can give them an honest opinion.

I went with Gnarly Nude – of Avon’s new 2 in 1 lip tattoo. The colors are vibrant and stay on all day. Yep, I said all day. How do I know. I wore it the other day and when I retired for the night, before going to the bathroom to wash up, hubby said to me “Why are you wearing lipstick to bed”? Yes, it lasted all day. I usually re-apply lipstick at least twice or sometimes three times a day.

There was no smudging or feathering, it hydrates your lips, it’s vegan ….

One end is a lip liner to outline and define — the other end is a felt tip to color your lips. I have already sold several of them, and right now there is a great deal on line…..check it out….

And it’s over

Since I have the house it seems all the gatherings end up at my place. But that’s ok because it suits me. I like to entertain although the older I get the more it has become harder and harder. Not young any more and wonder just how I did it when all the kids were young, plus I worked full time, went to school two nights a week and also had my father-in-law living with us along with a family dog.

Now that there is only hubby and I, we tend to relax a bit more since we are both retired. So when holidays come up or like today – Father’s Day – we all gather and eat. So with all the preparation and love my son who does all the cooking these days, and the kids running in and out of the house, the tv going because we cant miss a ballgame, I found myself exhausted to no end.

Hubby is already sleeping as soon as everyone went home and I on the other hand is straightening up. Not a complete clean up because I can’t push myself, plus tomorrow is another day. I also have to submit my Avon orders tonight, so sleeping is not an option yet.

It always amazes me all the preparation that goes into one day of family and food….and then it’s over. I sometimes think it would be nice to be rich – have someone else clean the house, do all the shopping, do the cooking and alas do all the cleaning up…..but that’s no happening. So tomorrow is another day when I will get up, have breakfast and start re-arranging the kitchen where I left most of the stuff around to be put away…….unless…..

A little elf shows up during the night and cleans my house……