I am on FB every day.  I do not do drama…but I love all the good things that are posted.  Like new babies, and grandbabies…trips, family stuff, engagements and marriages….and while I do most of my postings of my Avon business I am involved in a few book groups.

I love to read and making friends with other readers.  I post my reviews here on this blog along with posting on and Amazon…so when one of the woman suggested a pen pal group I joined right away.  As a teenager I use to write constantly and interact with people all over the US and also out of the US.  It was interesting to read what others had to say and share good things happening in our lives.

So now I am pen pals with 5 – afraid I wont be able to catch up and instead of typing on a computer I am writing.  I actually got off 4 cards today – started with holiday cards and wrote a long page in it welcoming my new pen pal, giving some facts about me and asking a question or two.

It was a good start and am excited to see their replies… about you?  Do you still write letters or long paragraphs in a card?  I know snail mail is terrible but if you are not in a rush to get a reply – it really is a nice way to communicate.  Maybe we should all slow down a bit for the New Year!


Small Business People

Every day there seems to be another small business popping up.  People who sell on Etsy or on E-bay all want one thing.  To sell their product and make some money from it.  Next week I will be doing some shopping at a Holiday Bazaar.  There will be about 20 vendors there….all small business owners, who sell from their homes or computers online.  This is how we make our business and support ourselves.

Have you ever thought of becoming a small business owner?  Are you crafty?  I started out beading and made bracelets, necklaces and  earrings along with keychains and other various beaded items.  Loved doing it and had success.  But alas, those beads did not do well with hands that became arthritic.  So I looked for another business I could enjoy and came across the selling of Avon products.

I know what you are thinking….I dont want to sell makeup…but Avon is more than makeup.  The best part is it’s your business to sell as you please (with a few rules)…..I sell person to person, I leave books at businesses and I also sell online.  You see, I am always selling….today I left my business cards (with a 10% discount) on cars…

So if you feel you can handle this job and become an Avon Rep – it is so easy to do.  If you are a stay-at-home mom, it is perfect for you.  While that baby sleeps, go on your computer and sell.  Taking a walk in the park, bring those books with you and talk to the other moms….Each day brings you closer to earning the money you want and the money you need….(you know those bills are piling up now that the holidays are here.


So join my team – for a minimum amount of $25 (sent to Avon directly) you will receive a starter kit which contains full size products, samples and books to get you started on your journey to becoming a Small Business Owner….ask me for more information or sign up at at my site –

No More Makeup

As we get closer and closer to the holidays minds turn away from makeup and go on to other things…..said no one ever.  But today I will get away from makeup and beauty for this post.  Why? Because we are in the gift season and while Avon is great for their makeup, they are also great with Limited Edition gifts.

Avon (for a short time) is selling throws, and game sets….how about mugs and plate sets?  And the best part is they are in gift boxes so all you have to do is wrap them up …..need a gift for grandma?  Nothing better than a throw for those cold evenings in the living room (I know, I’m a grandma)  And I love to have a cup of tea – so why not that mug set?

This is only one page of Campaign 26 brochure……take a look at some more………HERE..


It’s beginning to look a lot like….

family time…..a time to reflect … a time to be thankful … and a time to SHOP!

I sometimes think it would be great to forego all the shopping and just have family dinner for all – oh, wait – that just passed….It was called Thanksgiving.  Presents were not necessary although some people brought dessert (homemade) and some brought fruit and wine.  It was a time for happy smiles and talking and eating…way too much eating.

My favorite holiday and this year it went great.  All the little ones running all over the place.  Upstairs, downstairs and outside.  A bit of football on the TV and in the street.  Almost as good as our annual block party.

This morning I woke to aches and pains (you get those when you get older) but it was well worth it.  Tomorrow I will clean because today was just a resting day – and some more eating.

I did go online to start my shopping (no standing in line) and ordered for the grandchildren first (easy buys – they want everything).  The best part of running my business is the fact that I too offer Black Friday specials....and until tomorrow here are the deals you can get and what the new brochure looks like.  Didnt make it to Black Friday at Avon?  Guess what!  Cyber Monday is coming – a new post for that one…meantime check out what Black Friday at Avon looks like – it expires tomorrow Nov. 25 at 11.59 pm….dont miss it….





Light up the Holidays

Avon has a Home Fragrance Collection – each 3-wick 11 oz candle gives 30 hours of burn time and they are only $11.99 each.

For a limited time you can get free shipping on only a $20 purchase – so get one for a gift and one for yourself…..

They come in beautiful colorful jars with scents like FIG AND CHESTNUT – or SALTED CARAMEL – and my favorite SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE…..wouldnt these make not only a lovely gift but get one for yourself to use at your dinner table this holiday season!


Sparkle Like you Mean It

With the holidays right around the corner, who wouldn’t want one of these Best Wishes Necklaces? For only $9.99 you can wish your friend or family to Be Loved, Be Joyous, Be Bright, Be Blessed, Be Beautiful or Be Merry.  They are silvertone with rhinestones  16-1/2 inches with a 3-1/2 inch extender.

Get yours while they last – limited edition – at


Review – The Widow and the Orphan

The Widow and the Orphan by J. Thomas-Like


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, so, so, so sad. I had tears in my eyes reading about Pepper who found the man of her dreams only to find out that he was dying. Throughout the book we find out how Pepper and Gabe manage to pull themselves through this tragedy.

Insisting that they get married, Gabe treats her to a beautiful wedding only to be surprised himself when an unexpected child shows up! Having to plan a wedding, then a funeral and cope with motherhood….you wonder what will happen next…..yes, there is another surprise.

But you will have to read to book to find out the situation Pepper finds herself in next. Lovely story.