Winter’s Rise

by Mary Stone

Another great book by Mary Stone. Continuing in the Winter Black series not only has she found out who the Preacher is but also that her brother is alive….so this book takes us through the journey of finding more about her brother and how she can now locate him.

Every page holds another question and how involved Winter is to find her brother. Also the story has an added character of Autumn and how she fits into the lives of Winter, Noah and Aiden. And of course there is a Book #5 #KindleUnlimited

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Maybe Now

Not until I got into this book did I realize it was part of a series, and while I did not read book #1 I was able to follow the story line and really enjoyed it. The story is based on an unusual friendship between 6 people. Some were dating each other, some were living in the same house. But the combination of friendships, loyalties and mostly love makes this book amazing.

We all have our faults, no one is perfect but accepting them is a great thing. So we follow the story of Maggie who is dealing with CF, and Ridge who is deaf and the people who love them and make them crazy. I was taken with Sydney who is understanding to a fault. She is always putting others first. This mixture of friends is overwhelmingly brilliant and I look forward to more in the series. I probably should read book #1. #KindleUnlimited #fourstar

Winters Redemption

by Mary Stone….Review 4 stars out of 5

I am totally hooked. This is book #3 in the series and while I usually take a break in between books that have series, I cant seem to tear myself away from Mary Stone’s Winter Black books. I dont know if it is the story itself, or the amazing woman Winter portrays, but I find myself wanting to know more about her and what happens next in the book.

Like the previous books, Winter is an FBI agent who is not only a great one, but also has a personal agenda in finding the serial killer who killed her family and kidnapped her brother. In this book, she actually finds herself one step behind him and close to ending her nightmare. Along with fellow agents, Noah and Aiden, things get hairy when the killer now takes another agent, Bree in order to draw Winter to him.

And of course we find at the end, there is no end…because the author leaves you wanting more by giving you just a bit of the next story….and so, onto Book #4 to see what happens next. If you are into series, place this author on your TBR list because there are 9 books in this series….lots of reading ahead. #KindleUnlimited #fourstars

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The Wife Who Knew Too Much

 by Michele Campbell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this ARC from #Netgalley and could not put it down.  The weather here cleared so I spent many days on the deck reading.  The story grabs you from the beginning with Nina writing in her diary “in case of her death”….and so we find ourselves with Nina dead, was it suicide or murder?  The story tells us all about Nina (wife #1)  and Tabitha (wife #2).  But alas, Connor Ford, the husband, marries wife #2 and things are not falling into place.  Wife #2 is a waitress, a small town girl who isnt really feeling the role of Mrs Ford #2.

The story is of love, and deceit and questions about who is telling the truth, who can Tabitha trust in the world she now lives in.  I honestly didnt figure out who the villian was at all, so I was surprised at the end when it all finally came together.  #fivestars 

This book will be released on July 28, 2020….add it to your TBR list today.

Winter’s Mourn

Winter's Mourn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found a new author and started reading her books.  This being the first in her Winter Black series.  I love the story which begins – Thirteen years ago, Winter Black came home early from a sleepover to find her parents brutally murdered and her little brother gone—taken by a serial killer called The Preacher.
She has since become an FBI agent and is intent on finding the killer of her family.  But in the meantime she is thrown into a case which involves finding bones buried in a makeshift graveyard.  She only wonders if she will find her brother’s remains there, is this the work of The Preacher or is this not connected.
Love the fast paced story of this book and the strong woman that Winter Black portrays.  I will definitely read Book #2.  #KindleUnlimited  #fourstars

Got books?

I am here in the house and I am surrounded by books….well, not surrounded actually because I read on a Kindle – so all my books are in one place. I split my days between eating, reading, working and housework. Not necessarily in that order.

But the books I am talking about are not the ones you read. Well, actually you do read them but not as a story but as an informational guide to what we need. Many of my customers rely on my books and I have a clientele that I enjoy meeting and leaving books for them. Meeting them affords me the pleasure of talking and guiding them to see what they need. I also make recommendations on colors of lipsticks and fragrances of cologne.

But this pandemic finds me inside the house. Making phone calls to my clients and offering them a book through the mail. It is not the same but I know my customers still love to hear from me and look forward to the books I mail to them. Some have even ordered from me online while others are willing to pick up their orders – contact free – from my house.

And so when I hear someone ask – got books? – I am happy to do what I can for my customers even though I am not personally delivering them to their door.

Tonight I spoke to my grandson who had been my right hand man in helping me with my business. He always tossed books around the neighborhood to potential customers and even accompanied me when I delivered some orders. He told me he also missed doing this. But hopefully with prayers we will get back to doing the things we love again. With prayers…..

And it’s June

I may not know what day it is, or what date it is…but I do know that today is June. The start of good weather, good times, parties and soon block parties. BBQs and flowers. Watering the lawn, sitting in the sun, reading and eating outside. Clean up the table and chairs on the deck, bring out the umbrellas. Walks in the neighborhood and on the beach. Seeing friends and family.

But the question is how much of this will we be doing? Parties – maybe not; seeing friends? probably not. Family? maybe from 6 feet away. Can we get use to this as our new normal? I dont like it but at the same time I dont want to end up in the hospital with difficulty breathing. I am finding my favorite restaurants are now closing for good. So even if we do reopen completely….where do I go to eat? I am also running out of what to make for dinner….or for that matter, breakfast and lunch. We play this game everyday….what do you want to eat?

But we do have to be thankful that we are still here, while others dont get to see the end of this pandemic at all. We have lost so many lives, too many of them close to us….mothers, fathers, grandparents and even children. The young and the old….all cultures, all races and all religions. So be thankful you are still here and taking one day at a time. Because this is all we can do with every breath we take. Stay safe all and pray we will be done soon so that this will only be a memory or a story we can pass on to the next generation.

Free Has Been Extended

Have you hopped on the train yet? With what’s going on today with the virus and people losing their jobs, now is the best time to try your hand at Avon. Because it is free to join – so what do you have to lose? And right now it has been extended through the summer.

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Second….sign up and make a contribution to the American Cancer Society with a choice of $5, $10 or $25 to support the ACS. This too does not include products or brochures. You still get a free online store to start your business right away and again, with your first order, you earn toward Pathway to Premier*

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You will also be able to download a free mobile app to sell anywhere; free marketing tools, training classes to help you learn, free social media content, incentives to help your sales, Support from Avon along with support from other reps and added to all this is loads of perks, benefits and surprises.


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Dry Hair?

Being in the house most of the day – with heat on or air conditioning on – tends to give your hair that dry, brittle feeling. Let’s face it, we all need sun, including our hair. Plus the stale air in the house tends to circulate a lot.

So the search is on for great hair treatments – shampoo and conditioner and of course some serum or maybe even a hair mask. And I think I have found the best ones because they are doing my hair great. Plus this huge bottle is lasting a long time.

Propoli for your hair

Catch the buzz. Made with beeswax, honey and royal jelly (what bees eat), our rejuvenating shampoo provides weightless volume and hydration while giving your tresses a fuller, thicker and stronger appearance. Each, 16.9 fl. oz.

Elastine PropoliThera is formulated to add new life to your hair. Free of sulfates and parabens, it infuses every strand with healthy-looking body and shine.

• Gentle daily shampoo
• Suitable for all hair types, color-treated hair, permed hair or chemically-treated hair
• Paraben-free, sulfate-free

Key Ingredients:
• Propolis (tree sap plus beeswax) – Contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants to help restore weak and brittle hair.
• Honey (made by bees from the nectar of flowers) – Helps restore moisture.
• Royal jelly (the food of bees) – Helps lock in shine and restore hair’s natural luster.

Apply to wet hair and massage from roots to ends. Rinse Thoroughly. For best results, follow with Elastine PropoliThera Volumizing Conditioner.

Life is about Living

I came across a post – one of many – about this pandemic we are going through. The writer made a statement about seeing a child in the park wearing a mask. And then encouraged us to talk about it.

Of course I answered but after posting I thought about it more and yes, this will be something we will talk about later in our lives. How we made sacrifices, giving up going to eat in a restaurant, shopping in the mall, going to the movies, missing baseball games etc.

But at the same time we should be contemplating what it is and why it is that we will be missing these things. Is life so bad without them? Did you lose your job? Some have but there are alternatives. Some are finding jobs like the people who work for Instacart. They are helping people like me who cannot get to a supermarket. They actually do the shopping and made the delivery for me. So while I may be missing shopping – I have helped someone else who in turn is helping me. And isnt that what we should be doing for each other.

Do we need all the stuff we buy everyday. Can we do without those extra pair of shoes, that cute hat or even that vacation. What happens when we put things before smelling the roses. This pandemic has slowed us down and insisted we make time to appreciate the things we do have before the things we no longer can do or buy. I wake up every morning (some do not) and enjoy a breakfast, sitting on the patio, reading in peace. I do run a business online – but now it is on my time…not a 9 to 5 job. And if I want to stop and have a second cup of coffee – well, I do it.

Not everyone can do this. Our first responders and essential workers dont stop one minute all day long. And when their shift is over, they return home to either a family to care for, or if alone – I am sure they just want to sleep because there is no other way to de-stress for them.

And so maybe we should all have that second cup of coffee and be thankful for what we have – a life – because there are over 300,000 who no longer have one.