Something new at Avon – give as stocking stuffers or treat yourself to charms on your tote – or treat yourself to an Avon tote.

Order item #113100 for the black tote or #113775 for the metallic tote….and add all the charms you want or need.

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Never have enough jewelry

No matter how much you get you always want more.  Different outfits call for different types of jewelry.  And so Avon has a beautiful collection that – even if you dont need it – you will want it.  Or perhaps you are looking for that special gift for a special someone?

Because Avon is more than just makeup – we are fashion and with all fashion we have jewelry to go with it.

So check out their jewelry selection here at and remember the holidays are around the corner.


Restore Moisture

Now that the cool weather is here, it is time to check out the condition of your hair.  The summer always wrecks havoc on my hair because the sun, wind and humidity dry it out.  So now is the best time to get it back into condition.  Of course, the cool weather can also dry your hair.

So how are you going to restore moisture and visibly repair your damaged hair?

Avon has the treatments for your hair.  Advance Techniques Reconstruction 7 shampoo and conditioner.

Get both for only $9.00 – a buy you cannot afford to pass up.  If your hair is really bad, try their Intense Recovery Mask

And while you are browsing (page 117 in brochure c-22) you will also find brushes….I like to change my brushes from time to time.  Avon is now selling a straightening brush, a cushion brush and a large barrel brush – any 2 for $9.00 also.


Autumn Allure

Stand out this season with stunning styles perfect for any occasion.  Now that the weather is cooling down, it is more comfortable wearing jewelry.  Try something new in goldtone or hematite color…..

The Nadia Collection – Earrings $9.99, Bracelet $14.99 or the Beaded Necklace and Earring Set $24.99

Sold separately or Get the entire collection for just $40

Remember – first time customers get a 10% discount using code WELCOME10

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Daily Word Prompt 221 “Jeans”

Long, short, cut-offs, baggy, skinny, tight…..jean jackets, jean hats…they are worn in the winter and in the summer.  They come in many colors – men wear them, women wear them and children wear them.  I have seen even grandmas wear them.

The best part of jeans is they go with anything – any size person can wear them and the accessories are endless that go with them.  Have you ever noticed how many different colors go with jeans?  You can wear any color shirt or shoes or scarves with them.  They are universal.  There are also jean sneakers and of course jean handbags.  Personally I like tee tops – of all different colors.

Jeans come in your usual denim, dark blue, light blue, stonewashed, gray, flowered and even white.  So jeans are not just for cowboys any more…..and now that Fall is officially here, you will probably see more people sporting jeans than in any other season.  Do you have your jeans on???



Never Enough

Why is it that as much jewelry we own, there is always more that we want and buy?

And if nothing else, Avon has beautiful jewelry and well made.  I have never had a complaint about any of their items.

In fact they usually look better than the picture in the book.

Right now you can purchase any two of these items below on the left side of the page for only $20

Antique animal cuff bracelet; birthstone color tennis bracelet; summer sands initial bracelet; birthstone color heart charm bracelet

The Wise Owl Necklace and Elephant Necklace are not included but can be purchased for $14.99 (Owl) and $19.99 (Elephant)

Avon jewelry goes fast so get yours today…..and #free shipping is always included on any purchase over $40.

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Toss, toss, toss, toss and then toss

I did it today.  Grandson C called me, and asked what I was doing.  Having just returned from the supermarket I was waiting for my delivery so I was just having a cup of coffee while I waited.

“Want to Toss?”  Now you have to understand that C has not tossed for me for about two months.  I thought he didnt want to do it anymore (not an easy job) and so I just consoled myself with not doing this part of my business.  But alas it was summer vacation and what 13 year old wants to hang out with grandma when he can be playing, sleeping, watching tv or hanging with his friends.

So when he called I was delighted to not only work my business but also to see him.  After the groceries were delivered I called him to tell him I was on the way.  Picked him up and went through the neighborhood with a bag full of 25 books to toss.  When done he asked for more, there went the second bag and finally one more time – the third bag was gone – approximately 60-70 books were tossed today.

What is tossing?  Well as an Avon Rep I purchase brochures for my customers and then some.  I am always looking for new customers so I always order extra.  I give out books to people I meet whether in a store, restaurant, nail salon – I even leave them in laundromats.  But somehow there are always extras that I don’t get to give out……these get tossed.  Into the driveways or on the steps of neighboring houses with my information for people to contact me or even order online.

And that is part of my business – I love it because I get new customers and I get to see my grandson as we go through the neighborhood – we get to talk about our day, how summer is going – to me it is quality time.  I also do mailings but it is the personal aspect of tossing that I like. Of course there are always people who don’t like you tossing books on their lawn or in their driveway – but they are few and far between. Doesn’t everyone like brochures to browse through?  Wouldn’t you?  Contact me to get yours!  Next mailing will be in September!  Contact me today at or shop my online book here.