Need a Part Time Job?

I had a full time job with my school district.  Loved the job, the people and the fact that I had summers off.  So why would I want a part time job?  I had enough in my life to do between full time work, hubby and children and grandchildren….plus meeting up with friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

But apparently I am one of those people who cannot sit still and I also wanted some extra money on the side for things not house related.  (Like that new handbag I had my eye on!)

So about two years ago I joined the Avon family and started selling their products and havent looked back at all….in fact I am doing so well and loving it totally I have officially retired and will be working my Avon full time.

I have formed a team (those representatives who joined Avon under my name) and we are doing great.  Plan to meet up with some reps soon and talk business.  Now you dont have to live in my neighborhood to join me (one of my reps comes from Chicago) because of today’s technology we can face time, talk on the phone or text.   So think about it…there are 3 kits you can choose from…..

Pair Up

Makeup is nice – makes you look nice – makes you feel nice BUT what you wear is also important.  And nothing goes better than matching embellished accents to make a brilliant combination.

Avon is offering Sparkle and Shine Flip Flops – white embellished upper and a soft, silver footbed for only $14.99

Paired with that is their Sparkle and Shine Tote Bag -large pink nylon tote with white mesh overlay and leatherlike metallic silver straps.  Outer slip pocket one inner zip and two slip pockets.  Magnetic snap….13″ high, 18″ length, and 4-1/2″ deep.  Handle drop is 9″.  Fully lined and all or only $29.99

Buy both and you qualify for #free shipping….Quantities are limited because something like this goes very fast…so get your now at



Books are on the way

Are you on my mailing list? If you are, Campaign 13 books are on the way. It’s filled with loads of great items just for you.   

#1 on my list is Avon’s new firm and sculpt cream for neck and chest…..Defy Gravity with Anew Platinum – to lift your skin!  We have night cream, day cream and eye and lip cream – right now for only $21.99 each.

Besides skin care we have makeup – from liners (3 for $12) to lipstick ($5.99) to nail polish (any 2 for $10)

And then there is fashion – beautiful dresses, tank tops, bags and sandals.

And don’t forget our jewelry – from rings, to bracelets, to necklaces…..Avon is your one stop for everything.  In the comfort of your home at

So put your name on my mailing list now, to get your free book of great items at great prices. There is no obligation to buy and if you are not interested in Avon then pass the book to a friend or family member….maybe they are.  As a first time customer you are also entitled to a 10% discount by using the code WELCOME10

Love doing it – plan to do it again

Many years ago when my children were very young and I was a SAHM as much as I loved it, I needed a little outside recreation.  Of course with five kids there wasnt much of that.  Even when hubby came home from work, I was too exhausted to do anything other than get the kids ready for bed and then crash myself.

But then I saw there was something else I could enjoy without the kids – and that something was crocheting.  So I started small – baby blankets, hats and scarves and before you know it I had made a blanket for each of my children (still have them) and then started making for others.  Well, I put it down as the kids got older and I myself went back to work.  Until recently – when I picked it up again.  Didnt think I could due to arthritis, but apparently it helps.

So I finished a blanket for my boss who is due soon and have decided to make another one – different color, different pattern.  Excited and waiting for the yarn to arrive in about a week.  Meantime – here is the one I completed…… you crochet?  If you blog about it, let me know I will follow…



Going vertical again

When we first moved into this house we had a slider door going out back to our deck.  I hated the window treatment so finally went out and bought vertical blinds.  And have had nothing but trouble since.  They keep falling off and since we are no youngsters, we keep calling my son over to fix them.  Being plastic (since the metal ones would hurt the grandkids) we found them flimsy and easily breaking.


As you can see there are some that are missing and it is just not working anymore.  So today we went on a search for a company that will replace them and hopefully they will be better made.

We found one Blinds To Go in Park Slope and after telling them our dilemma they recommended fabric verticals.  They looked nice and they also showed how they are reinforced where they attach above.  So we decided to go with them (not a bad estimated price either) and now are waiting for the installers to call us back to set a date for measuring.  (After they go up, will write another blog and have picture)

What do you have on your sliding doors?

Be Beauty Brave

We have come so far in our beauty lives that even the least amount of beauty products makes a difference.  This campaign we bring you MARK – to push your beauty boundaries.  Explore the latest trends with our collection of high-performance and cult-favorite products.  Own your looks like never before with customizable palettes.  Show the word what it means to be beauty brave.

Customize our magnetic Clique it with the shades you want…..

Maybe you want a little glow to your palettes……..

Or try a killer color – go for an adventurous indigo, a deep, dark plum or complete nude…10 new shades of matte and creamy lipstick will have everyone buzzing.

Available now at

What is she wearing?

I recently went to a show that my grandson was performing in.  It was amazing and he was great!  But this post is not about that.  Because of limited parking, hubby and I left early so we would be within walking distance of the front door.  Parking was not that bad (since we got there 45 minutes before doors open) and while we waited for the doors to open, we sat in the car.

I wonder if other do this – we people-watched.  It is amazing all the different people passing by – especially the school is near a park and there are many people who walk for exercise.  And then along came “miss beauty” – she was wearing leggings (which are now so popular) but not your usual black or gray leggings.  These were with crazy outrageous designs on them…..I am told that they are all the rage – I even have a friend on FB who sells them.

Here are the usual ones legs3

And then there are these (just wish I had the legs to go with them!)

Do you wear leggings?  Are you the zany leggings type or more reserved with solid colors?