How many deals have you tried?

It seems that nowadays with the holidays around the corner, all you are hearing about is deals.  Discounts, free shipping and buy one get one deals.  But then again who doesnt love a good deal.  I know I am always looking for one.  Before I buy anything I check if the store is covered by Ebates where I get cash back for every purchase I make on most stores…even Avon. 

Then I look for coupons for free shipping and of course discount codes. So it was with delight that I found out Avon is offering all these great deals…so dont wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday because it is going on now….


Bright Ideas

Around this time of the year, even though there is snow on the ground, I often think of Spring…just around the corner….January is almost over and February is a short month.  March is a sign of spring to come, baseball to start and warm weather.  Start planting, clean off the deck and look forward to that sun.  It also reminds me of shopping.  Now is the time to look at spring bags, tops and shoes.  I am really not a shoe person that much, but I love my bags.  I already have my eye on a few tops.  This year I am planning to go more floral.  I usually wear solid colors but – what the heck – time for a change.

I am also looking for some vests for those times when it is not cold enough for a winter coat, but not warm enough for a light sweater.  Do you have a favorite store you go to or order from?  I am not a shopper – hate the crowds, hate the long lines etc.  So you will find me online a lot to order what I need.  I already ordered my spring bag – now on to the tops!

Thinking the top below might be great with black jeans or even denim jeans.


The New South West

We have a collection inspired by the true American West.

Blues of desert skies, crimsons of the canyons of Nevada and neutrals of the Apache Trail.

Check out the vest and wide leg pants for starters at my online store at

Sizes go from Small (size 4) to 3X (size 28 Womens)

Small Business People

Every day there seems to be another small business popping up.  People who sell on Etsy or on E-bay all want one thing.  To sell their product and make some money from it.  Next week I will be doing some shopping at a Holiday Bazaar.  There will be about 20 vendors there….all small business owners, who sell from their homes or computers online.  This is how we make our business and support ourselves.

Have you ever thought of becoming a small business owner?  Are you crafty?  I started out beading and made bracelets, necklaces and  earrings along with keychains and other various beaded items.  Loved doing it and had success.  But alas, those beads did not do well with hands that became arthritic.  So I looked for another business I could enjoy and came across the selling of Avon products.

I know what you are thinking….I dont want to sell makeup…but Avon is more than makeup.  The best part is it’s your business to sell as you please (with a few rules)…..I sell person to person, I leave books at businesses and I also sell online.  You see, I am always selling….today I left my business cards (with a 10% discount) on cars…

So if you feel you can handle this job and become an Avon Rep – it is so easy to do.  If you are a stay-at-home mom, it is perfect for you.  While that baby sleeps, go on your computer and sell.  Taking a walk in the park, bring those books with you and talk to the other moms….Each day brings you closer to earning the money you want and the money you need….(you know those bills are piling up now that the holidays are here.


So join my team – for a minimum amount of $25 (sent to Avon directly) you will receive a starter kit which contains full size products, samples and books to get you started on your journey to becoming a Small Business Owner….ask me for more information or sign up at at my site –


Something new at Avon – give as stocking stuffers or treat yourself to charms on your tote – or treat yourself to an Avon tote.

Order item #113100 for the black tote or #113775 for the metallic tote….and add all the charms you want or need.

Shop my online brochure and go directly to page 24/25 to see these limited edition items.


Never have enough jewelry

No matter how much you get you always want more.  Different outfits call for different types of jewelry.  And so Avon has a beautiful collection that – even if you dont need it – you will want it.  Or perhaps you are looking for that special gift for a special someone?

Because Avon is more than just makeup – we are fashion and with all fashion we have jewelry to go with it.

So check out their jewelry selection here at and remember the holidays are around the corner.


Restore Moisture

Now that the cool weather is here, it is time to check out the condition of your hair.  The summer always wrecks havoc on my hair because the sun, wind and humidity dry it out.  So now is the best time to get it back into condition.  Of course, the cool weather can also dry your hair.

So how are you going to restore moisture and visibly repair your damaged hair?

Avon has the treatments for your hair.  Advance Techniques Reconstruction 7 shampoo and conditioner.

Get both for only $9.00 – a buy you cannot afford to pass up.  If your hair is really bad, try their Intense Recovery Mask

And while you are browsing (page 117 in brochure c-22) you will also find brushes….I like to change my brushes from time to time.  Avon is now selling a straightening brush, a cushion brush and a large barrel brush – any 2 for $9.00 also.