Gold Coast

Yes we have a collection by the name of Gold Coast and it is waiting for you to pick them up as the Fall starts…….

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Nothing ventured..nothing gained

I have seen loads of them, and I collect them also.  Somewhere at least I have a million of them.  I get most of them on the internet. But yesterday I actually ventured in using one of them….and it didnt hurt one bit.   Continue reading

Mom, Mommy, Mother

This blog has been prompted by some other blogs out there on the subject.  Of course, it comes from present day moms raising their little ones right now.  I have raised my five children and must admit I did a good job – with some help from hubby.  You see, as a new mom the only help I had was hubby and he took over the load when things got so overwhelming that I needed a time out. (Yes, moms need a time out too).


As I read other blogs about motherhood I see so many moms getting to the same point.  Yes, motherhood is a big job.  One we never had training for.  Although today’s moms sometimes get help from their own mothers.  I never had that help but managed to raise these kids into great human beings.  Was it easy? No, nothing worth having is ever easy.  But the end result is what is why it is worth it.  I am so proud of my children and have come to the point in  my life where I can sit back and enjoy my family around me.

Now that they have given me 9 grandchildren to hug and kiss, I see what the end result really is and love every minute of spoiling these little ones…so while I am still Mom, Mommy and Mother – I have also become – Grandma and  Bubbe ….

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Moisturize your way to beauty

Did you know that the only way to have beautiful, young skin is to clean it and moisturize it?  Start early – dont wait until those wrinkles start showing up.  The air is unclean and clings to your face – get that dirt off right away….

Yes, you say and you know that is what you should do BUT those cleansers and moisturizers are soooo expensive.  What if you dont like them?  What if you are allergic to them….well, Avon has the answer.  Mini travel size moisturizers and cleansers.

As pictured below – the cleansers come in 1 oz tubes for only $5.oo for all skin types. The moisturizers come in a 2 week supply jar for only $6 plus change depending on the type of moisturize you need.  These are TSA approved, so you can take them travelling.

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Everyone loves Free.  I shop online a lot and look for #freeshipping always.  I usually find it, and if not I will then search for coupons to give me off at least as much as the shipping would charge.  I also love free items.  Do you?

Well, now for a short period of time (Expires August 31, 2016) I will be giving away free samples of Avon. (US only) How do I do this?  In one simple step…all you have to do is register on my Avon website.  There is absolutely no requirement to purchase anything on my site.  But you must register, and fill out the form so that I know where to send the samples.  That is all there is to it.  Now who doesn’t like FREE….just follow the instructions below…..AND if you would like to receive a Catalog from me (to be sent out with my next mailing), please comment CATALOG YES ….  I will get your address info from the registration form you fill out and send one.


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free samples

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The other day while I was going over orders from my Avon customers, I noticed a Direct Delivery order (that’s an order someone places online, to be shipped directly to their address)….and saw that my customer had moved.  She didn’t move very far – across the bridge…about 30 minutes away (on a non-traffic day, ha ha) but then I realized I was sending her brochures to the local address near my house.

After contacting her to verify, I immediately changed her address in my computer.  It then got me thinking about “moving”.  I know people who have moved 4-5 times in their lifetime and then there are people who have lived in the same house all their lives.  My in-laws for instance.  MIL grew up in the house she lived in, married and stayed there and passed away there.  I on the other hand have lived in two counties and 7 neighborhoods….I lived in 3 neighborhoods when I was single and when I married we moved 4 times.

I wonder if there are any others who have stayed in one house?  It was common years ago especially when members of the same family all lived on the same block….but today with traveling as easy as ever, people tend to move away more often – because of jobs, because of disasters, because of climate, because of needing larger houses.

How many times have you moved?  Why?