What do you do…..

….when the Kindle version of a book is more money than the paperback?

I always bought books…hardcovers and paperbacks. I had my own little library downstairs and loved it because there was also a small couch and my own space. Along came Storm Sandy and wiped out my book collection, I did save a few that were higher than the 4 feet of water that came in.

After that I decided I would just buy books for my Kindle which is always with me no matter where I go and can hold thousands of books. I am blessed as people tend to give me Amazon cards for my birthday, Mother’s Day etc. and I always use it for the many books I read. Have read 32 so far this year alone.

I also seek out free books and request books from NetGalley often so I do have those books. But recently I have come across some books I would like to read and when logging onto Amazon have seen that the Kindle edition is sometimes $3-$4 more than the paperback.

So my thought is…..do I still buy the Kindle version? or go for the paperback?

Skin Tightening

There is no single cause of sagging skin. Age, genetics, rapid weight loss, sun exposure and even lifestyle are all culprits. The good news? If you find your skin looser than you would like, there are ways to regain a more youthful appearance.

I have always gone with the Ultimate Skincare products. I start off by using their cleanser, and then the night cream (or day cream when getting up). I have often bought the whole regimen covering even my eyes. I also buy the travel size so I always have my skin care with me no matter where I travel.

Now that I am losing weight I find my skin is sagging a bit more than usual so I have included in my skin care regimen some Nakedproof on my arms and legs, and neck.

10 things you didnt know about lipstick

Every day it seems there’s a new holiday—and a new corresponding hashtag. But unlike National Tarter Sauce Day (March 3rd) or National Salami Day (September 7th), National Lipstick Day (July 29th) is a day we’re more than happy to get behind! To celebrate, we’ve gathered ten fun lipstick facts that encompass history, business, and the top-selling colors from coast to coast. So sit back, swipe on a bright new shade, and brush up on your lipstick trivia.

1. Think Cleopatra was only into eyeliner? Think again! Back in around 69 to 30 B.C., the infamous queen would tint her lips with a DIY concoction of carmine and henna.

2. In the 1550s, Queen Elizabeth I famously rocked a statement red on her royal lips. But no store-bought shades for her either! Elizabeth reportedly created her signature hue by blending cochineal (an insect used to create reddish dye), gum arabic, egg white, and fig milk.

3. The first Avon lipstick was introduced in 1919, which means we’ve been tinting lips since before women had the right to vote!

4. Avon’s first-ever lipstick came in a metal container and was only offered in two shades: light and dark. (Can you imagine what those turn-of-the-century ladies would think of Avon’s current selection? We’ve got over 150 colors now!)

5. Avon sells a tube of lipstick in the United States every 15 seconds. That adds up to over 6,000 lipsticks sold each day, and 2 million sold every year. In fact, if each tube was a mile long, we could go around the Earth over 500 times!

6. Southern belles have more in common with each other than their accents. Apparently, they love wearing the same bold red lips, too! Here’s how we know: Avon True Color Lipstick in Cherry Jubilee—a deep, rich crimson—is the top-selling shade in North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Florida and Alabama.

7. Red lips aren’t only big in the South. In Hawaii, the top-selling shade is Avon True Color Lipstick in Red Supreme. And although Avon’s celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan is a California native, she gets why Hawaiian women gravitate to this shade—it’s her favorite, too! “Red Supreme is an amazing matte red that gives me that extra oomph of glam,” she says. “It’s bold and makes a statement.”

8. On the coasts, women love a good wine—in the glass and on their lips. Case in point: Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstickin Superb Wine is the top-seller in both California and New York.

9. In the midwest, ladies keep it romantic with Avon’s True Color Lipstick in Country Rose. This rosy pink is the top-selling shade in Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, and South Dakota.

10. Turns out, mauves are crowd-pleasers all around. Avon True Color Lipstick in Cozy Mauve is the #1 seller in states as varied as Idaho, Maine, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Wyoming women like mauve too, only they prefer theirs with a little extra pizzazz—the top-selling shade in Wyoming is the subtly shimmering Sparkling Mauve.Shop the Products

Color for your heart

I can’t wait for spring because I love flowers. I havent been doing any gardening since I retired but this year I made plans to finally get it going. Some are perennials so I didnt have to do anything except plant a few annuals to add more color.

It makes me smile every morning when I go out and see the following colors. Of course now I have to do watering everyday but Mother Nature has been helping with plenty of downpours of rain at night…..How’s your garden?

Buy 10 Read 2

I am drowning in books. I have always been an avid reader since my teens. It was my way of escaping from the world around me. Today it is no longer an escape but a ways to relax and enjoy some serenity in my hectic life. I suppose it is somewhat still an escape -to all the lovely places I keep reading about.

I belong to Goodreads.com where I log all my books and post a review. I also read reviews from others and have found that if the review is good then the book goes on my TBR (to be read) List. I have over a thousand books on that list. I doubt if I will ever catch up because the more reviews I read the more my list grows.

Better than that I also check Amazon and have a problem with clicking the “buy” button. So I already own books that I have to read. Is this an addiction? Of course I am blessed for the family that keeps giving me Amazon cards so I dont feel that guilty that I am spending too much money on my book buying….at least not my money – just gift money. And that’s what it is for, isn’t it?

So if you are a -read a review and buy a book – type of person, you can catch my reviews here…..at least put them on your TBR list.

Someone Knows

Yes, someone does, But dont worry, its not about me. Its just another book review….and this one will keep you turning the pages.

Someone Knows

Someone Knows by Lisa Scottoline

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another super book by Scottoline. I was not disappointed as I read this story of friends who kept a secret for 20 years. But as we all know, secrets have a way of nagging at you and finally come out. The story starts with Allie Garvey who is going home to attend the funeral of a friend. A friend who was part of a horrific incident that happened 20 years ago. It then goes back to the beginning when Allie and her friends were 15 years old and drinking and partying in the woods when a prank went wrong.

But attending the funeral brings it all out again and Allie can no longer hide the truth, especially since it is affecting her, her marriage and her sanity. The book keeps leading up to the climax that also has a twist in it.

A great read; must be placed on your TBR list.

Dinner and Brownies

Took the grandsons out to dinner and came home to make brownies for dessert. The youngest put the candies on it and seemed to drop them all in one area. But they loved it so much we had to make a second batch for the BBQ we had the next day.

I hope they remember these baking days and have great memories because I remember doing the same thing with my grandma. We also like to play card games a lot and have fun with that. They are all getting so big I often wonder when these visits will stop. You know, teenagers have friends they would rather be with. But then again, my 18 year old grandson is very often texting me asking to come over for a while. He usually gets fed here (grandma is always cooking) and watches sports with us….good thing he likes the same teams as us.

While we are Mets fans I do have grandkids are are Yankees fans, but that makes for an interesting baseball night.