Didn’t ask for your opinion

This morning started off great. After a good night’s sleep I got up early to get ready for my Weight Watcher’s meeting. Having taken care of hubby before leaving I was on my way.

Before getting weighed in I stopped at Dunkin Donuts (for coffee and an egg wrap only, although those donuts were calling me) and made way to the WW meeting. I gladly got on the scale and knowing I was good all week I wasn’t surprised at the one pound loss I had. Feeling so good I went on to stay for the meeting and enjoyed talking and sharing with the other members.

After the meeting I rose to put on my jacket and in doing so another member saw my Avon hoodie and asked if I sold it. Thinking she would be a potential customer I answered, “Yes, can I offer you the latest book?”

It was then she turned around and said NO, I sold it. So I promptly said OK, that’s good and then she went into a rant on how Avon was terrible, she no longer sells it along with her friends who will not buy it. Thought I would ask why and she continued to complain about all the changes in the company.

I was about to explain that change is good and we should embrace it and work with the changes; but she wasnt hearing any of it…and just kept bashing Avon. Instead of arguing with her (I knew I could not change her mind) I told her that my meter ran out and I need to get to my car — but, have a good day! (I didnt want to hear any more of her opinion.)

On my way back to my car I passed that Dunkin Donuts store again but was proud of myself that I didn’t go in for that donut despite the stress I encountered with that lady. I will continue to do what I love and sell the best products there is…..I didn’t ask for her opinion anyway!!!

Get a good value

Did you know that you can get items that are valued at $36 or $55 or more for only $10.00?

Every campaign has an A-Box worth way more than $10…this campaign has “Your Spring Essentials”

Customers think this is a great deal since you get to try out 4 or 5 products for only $10.00 while buying items that you already need like mascara and eye shadow, etc. I know you have to spend $40 in order to order the A-Box but you will find it not only easy for your order to add up to $40 but also you automatically get free shipping with a $40 order.

And if that’s not enough when your order reaches $50 (with that A-Box) you will receive a 20% discount on your April order! So many offers….check it out now at my store.

Rain and blood

Thursday was a rainy day along with many more to come. I suppose all this rain will bring out the flowers – something I can’t wait to do. Planting this year is one thing I look forward to – not only flowers but there will be some tomatoes in my garden also.

Hubby and I were given scripts to go get blood work done, something I have been avoiding. Guess it’s not my favorite thing especially since my veins do not cooperate. So we decided to get up early and beat the traffic and the crowds to the lab.

And when we did wake up it was still dark and dreary only to find out that it was raining. We almost didnt go but we just didnt want to keep pushing it off. So we bundled up and hoped that the deluge of rain would hold off until later….raining slightly wasn’t too bad.

We did arrive and actually found a parking spot around the corner and made our way into the lab. They had this new thing (that’s how long it’s been since we went for blood tests) where you use a computer to sign in. You place your drivers ID on the tray and if you have been there before all the info comes up. I hadn’t so I had to also scan my medical cards.

I guess because of the weather there were no people there so we got in fast, got our blood tests done and were on our way home within 20 minutes. With that over we decided to stay in the rest of the day and relax – me reading and him watching tv…..until 3 pm at least because we were watching some grandkids and I was picking up another from his school….a grandparent’s work is never done…

P.S. It’s still raining!

Are you a traveler?

Growing up our family was confined to traveling within the city. Vacations consisted of going to the zoo, the beach and the aquarium. If you couldn’t take public transportation there, we weren’t going. We did venture out of NY once in a while – going as far as New Jersey and even once went to visit my uncle in Virginia. But that wasn’t what is considered a vacation now.

Today people fly all over. I hear people say they are going to Thailand, or California or Ireland. How about flying to Jamaica this weekend? And so by my 20s I got the traveling bug and it took me five years to convince my mom that I needed to travel. My first trip was Puerto Rico/St Thomas and over the next 5 years I covered places like Spain and Portugal, Florida and most of the states as I drove across America straight through to California.

Since 1974 the travelling has stopped. Ok, when you have five children it is hard, least of all expensive to take family vacations. So like my parents, we had our share of home vacations going to places like the zoo, the beach and the aquarium. We did do a run to Sesame Place with the kids one summer.

Now that the kids are grown, with families of their own, and doing their own vacations (traveling all over the world with their families) we are now empty-nesters we should be traveling more. But alas while I am the wanderer in the family, hubby is content with staying closer to home…and sometimes never leaving it. I did get him to go on two cruises (Bahamas and Bermuda) so maybe one day I can get him to leave the city behind for a week. And Hawaii is still on my bucket list!

What does Dual Elixir mean?

If you watch tv, you know that there are hundreds, no, thousands of serums and moisturizers out there. So if you are like me, you wonder which ones to use and if they really work.

In all my years I have gone through many face moisturizers and while some have worked, I have learned one thing. The older you get the more you need to change your moisturizers. Your skin ages and becomes tougher to take care of. And so it becomes necessary to find a different moisturizer to use.

I have used them all and I still change frequently. Face it – your 20 year old skin is not your 50 year old skin. And so I must admit I found a great skin care duo that is better than I have ever used.

Imagine something 3 times more powerful than a serum alone. In one week 89% showed improvement in texture, radiance, wrinkles, firmness and moisture. I didn’t believe this until I used it myself. Two innovative formulas combine for one supreme elixir. You get a superior serum and a blend of precious oils known for their skin-smoothing and firming benefits.

I have been using it for one week and already see the results. My skin was sagging since losing 40 lbs. and the wrinkles were becoming more prominent but Dual Elixir is fixing all that and there is now a glow to my skin which wasn’t there before. My new go-to face moisturizer is now Anew Ultimate Dual Elixir…..

He came out

It was a cold windy day and while the weather was sunny, the wind made it colder. We were out in the early morning doing errands like manicure, fruit shopping, post office, pharmacy etc. and finally made it home.

We rested a while and then cleaned up the house for company tomorrow. Having done all that we decided to go out for dinner. After thinking about it we gave our grandson a call to see if he wanted to join us. One thing you must understand is that this child is 14 and 14 year olds usually do not hang out with their grandparents.

But lo and behold, he came out and we had a great meal time talking, joking and enjoying each other’s company. Feeling blessed that our grandson is not too old to hang with us.

What is the best mascara for you?

When I first started using mascara I didn’t have a clue how to start or which ones were the best. And the more I researched it, the more I found that there are millions of mascaras out there. Companies that are well-known and companies that I have never heard of. It seems everyone out there has a beauty product line and pushing their own brand.

Besides the different colors – yes, there is more than black…there is brown and brown-black and my recent favorite – eggplant. It gives the eyes such a beautiful glow. Then there is the brush itself…have you looked at a mascara brush lately? There are curved brushes with multilevel bristles; there are wire brush combs that lengthen and separate your lashes; and there is even one with zigzag brushes for volume to make them look thicker.

And that’s only four of the nine that I found. Do you want that wide-awake look that lasts all day? (My favorite) or maybe you want something that is waterproof? What about lengthening your lashes? Or would you like your mascara to contain argan oil, and vitamin E?

So why don’t you look into what the best mascara is for you!! Or do you have a favorite already?