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I have small ones

I woke up this morning and saw it was cold and snowy out.  Just checked the temp outside and while it is 16 degrees it says it feels more like zero.  Yes, I said zero.  Time to move to Florida?  I probably would if most of my children and grandchildren didnt live here.  Cant see me leaving just yet.  So I manage with my arthritis and knee pain – and am staying in today.  We decided not even to go out food shopping although the closet is getting bare.  We actually got on the phone and called the local supermarket to order for delivery.  Just got the staples and that was enough…..actually spent less than usual because we got what we put on a list and not what our eyes saw to buy (even if we didnt need it)

So by staying in I couldn’t decide if I should put on makeup or not.  Just hanging around, relaxing and reading. But when I went to the bathroom I noticed that my eyes are so small and you can hardly see them.  What if someone dropped by?  I decided then that at least I would put on a bit of eyeliner just to show that I do have eyes.  Somehow they get lost in my face without makeup.  No mascara, just eyeliner…and at least I feel a bit dressed.  How about you?  Do you ever go without makeup?  And when is that?


Avon has eyeliner today – buy one and get one for half price


Kiss 2017 Goodbye

If you are like me you have been doing a lot of kissing these past weeks.  From Thanksgiving on through Hanukkah, then to Christmas and of course, New Years Eve is around the corner.  Family, friends and neighbors come and go and we all kiss, kiss, kiss and kiss.  Even if you are not lip-kissing you wouldnt want those chapped lips scratching cheeks…..especially those of babies and young children.  I know the grandkids are not fond of grandpas beard scratching them during kisses.

Maybe you are not in the mood to apply and reapply lipstick (I do it anyway because I love lipstick, even have a tube in the car) but some people would rather use Lip Balm.  So right now Avon is having a sale on their lip balm – only $2 each….Besides the Lip Dew they also have strawberry, melon and vanilla…….so treat your lips today at Avon…..and kiss 2017 goodbye!


Countdown to Anew You

Start the New Year off right.  Get serious about your skin.  I have been serious about my skin since my 20s and it never stops.  Wash and moisturize every night.  On those hot days (ok, it’s winter here but still you get dry skin) I tend to wash and moisturize even more.  Now that winter is here in my state, I moisturize even more.  Those hands get it several times a day and your face should get it nightly and of course before you put on that makeup.  People ask me why I dont have wrinkles…..I moisturize.

So start the new year off with a great sale of Anew – any 2 for $40 (some of these items sell for up to $40 each)….their many products will have your face looking younger in two weeks…



You have been invited to a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve.  You get dressed up in your finest dress, put on your expensive jewelry and then you realize you need a hostess gift.  Of course your hostess tells you not to bring anything, just yourself.  But if you are like me, you will want to bring something….but what?

Others will probably bring booze or cake or candy……but you want something different.  Have you considered the Magical Collection?  It is a great gift, not expensive and surely will make your hostess happy that it isn’t a fruitcake.  And it only cost – $10.00

I have given it for so many occasions this season – whether it was a house party, a birthday or just a thank you.  And I have always seen the smile on my friend’s face ….  order today so you will have it on time for New Year’s Eve.




Henrietta came up with a prompt that I thought I would try as a change from my usual posts.

The older I get the more I seem to remember the “good old days”  But I find I can’t get stuck in those days because then I am not really living for today.  We don’t get many days or at least I don’t know how many of them I have left.  OK, enough maudlin….I am just trying to bring out a fact that we should enjoy our present.

But somehow every once in a while, I remember years ago.  When my children were young and we stayed home on rainy days and had picnics on the living room floor.  You see there were five, including a dog that was always underfoot.

old times

Remembering the past is good and we must all come to terms that nothing stays the same.  We are forever changing and along with that we must adjust.  There will always be nostalgia and it’s good to remember – the hugs and kisses of a two year old, the smell of a newborn. Feeding time when oatmeal somehow was all over the place; even the potty training makes me yearn for those days!

The best thing about nostalgia is the good old days we remember are always the good times.  We seem to forget the hard times, the bad times…..so here’s to the good old times and may we continue to make them every day.

Waiting for Espira?

I am currently so excited about this new line of health and well being for my customers.

Today’s blog will be about Natural Energy.  We all need it and in this stressful world we need it more than ever.  Espira will increase your energy and mental focus.

A fusion of clinically studied ingredients with green tea and whole coffee fruit extracts for long-lasting energy.  1 capsule each day is all you need.  Or control your hunger with Hunger Block (it works, I use it) curbs your hunger safely and naturally so you eat and snack less.

And there is also Ideal Cleanse..start with a cleanse so you can reboot your metabolism.  Then use Metabolism Boost to increase your body’s ability to burn more calories.  When you have natural energy you thrive.  Experience a different kind of energy that will fuel you through the day without letter you down!  Ask me how!

Not done shopping yet?

As it gets closer and closer to the holidays, there will always be last minute shopping.  How are you handling it?  I am in the middle of Hanukkah and we celebrated last night with food, family and fun.  But the shopping is really never done.  There are still a few gifts we all need – teacher gifts, remember the crossing guard, your nail salon lady etc.

As an Avon Lady I never forget my customers and try to give each one a gift from me.  I order extra hand creams, lip balms and pairs of gloves to give out to them, maybe a calendar or two…..it is always so nice to show your appreciation.  So if there is someone you have have forgotten please check out my store because we are having expedited shipping today – remember to use the code so you too can get two-day shipping and have those gifts in time for the holidays….