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Lipstick Library

There is a library for books – either at your local library or online.

Now there is a library for your lipstick – check out the chart below or go online at



The weather outside is….

crazy…this is February in New York and we should be having snow and cold and ice.  Instead this week I opened up my doors and windows to let the beautiful weather of 75 degrees flow into my house.  I loved it but it is like waiting for the other shoe to fall.  Will we be getting colder weather with snow and ice again?  I can hope not, but who really knows…this is February.

Meantime, I will be cleaning my closet and getting reading for the spring and summer.  Where I wear pinks and pastels – on my nails and toes.  But not yet putting away those boots…


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Light up your house

So you love  to light up your house…we all do.  It makes us feel safe; it makes the house look pretty.  I have enjoyed those red and pink lights for Valentines, and now neighbors are putting up green lights for St. Patricks Day.

And did you know you can also have lights for Easter….selling fast at www.youravon.com/ashapiro – you can get yours too!



Studs that rock..

I was a little girl when grandma said she wanted to do it to me.

But my mother said NO…and that was that.

So when I turned 25 and went out on my own….I ran over and got them done.

Was easy and the first thing I had done is get me some studs.

And now today I still cant wait to get my hands on any kind of studs…..

Best part about these is they are only $9.99 each………check them out here………..


Hand Creams and Lip Balms

I sell a lot of hand creams and lip balms.  Even if it’s not winter, customers use it in the summer time so their lips and hands do not have that dry look…now is the time to stock up on lip balms and hand creams because you will not see this great deal any more…99 cents….the best sale ever!


Best Sale Ever

Now is the time to get on the Sale Wagon.  Avon has the Best Sale Ever because where else can you get Flip Flops for only $7.99

Watches for only $6.99——-bracelets for $5.99———-earrings for $8——-hand creams for 99 cents ————and Easter items.

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