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Just for YOU

Every two weeks Avon puts out a new brochure.  And I just love browsing it to see what’s new, what my customers would like and what I can order as gifts.  I love to give Avon as gifts since people sometimes are reluctant to buy when they dont know anything about the product or are not sure it is for them.

So I sometimes add a gift to a loyal customer’s order or just gift it as a “thinking of you” gift.  This campaign #15 is filled with lots of good items, some of which are very new.  There is vinyl high-shine finish and velvet matte finish with a built in primer that guarantees a smooth, even application and keeps color on lockdown.  

And just look at these beautiful colors…..Get yours now while they last…or browse the new Avon Brochure……here 



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Now Hiring

Are you a stay at home Mom? Love your kids but want to add a challenge to your life? Well, I have the answer and now is the time because I am HIRING.

I was a Stay at Home Mom too. I had 5 children within 7 years. I loved it, loved staying at home – it was like having my own day care center..but somewhere around my last baby I felt a little overwhelmed with diapers and bottles and just needed something to define me.

That is when I found AVON.  I worked it for 8 years and made extra money – when I wanted to go out at night I didnt have to hit the household money to do so.  Then I returned to work full time and decided to stop selling because I was also attending school at night.

Fast forward about 20 years – all the kids are grown with families of their own….and I am nearing retirement….so I decided to go back to something I loved.  I started selling again two years ago and making money – so now in a few weeks I will be retired and working my Avon more.  Also will be spending my earnings on vacations and….whatever I want to do – without touching my pension.

Now with computers it is easier than ever – delivery comes in two days and my customers have their orders one to two days later.  I give my customers samples and discounts codes…..I also have a team and love teaching them what I have learned….whether they are in my neighborhood or in another state….through technology we keep in touch.

Are you interested?  Try it – I have never had a team member not love it…..unless you really dont need the extra money (and who says that?)….contact me today or go straight to


Use reference code – ashapiro – to join my team.

Do you need a reason?

Summer is just around the corner and with all the rain we have been getting I am sure the mosquitoes are right behind this weather.

So now that Avon has brought out their Bug Guard it is time to get on board and order some.  I have them all in my house because I use it also.  I have those types of ankles that draw mosquitoes.  I can open the front door to speak to someone and 10 minutes later my ankles are all bit up.

Our Bug Guard contains Vitamin E, its non greasy, pleasant scent, hypoallergenic – some of them contain aloe, the lotion is PABA free; and if you do get bit we have an anti-itch spray (believe me IT WORKS!)

Check out the information below and decide today which one you need….they are all on sale and if you use code RA2504 today you will get #freeshipping on only a $25.00 purchase.  We automatically give you free shipping on a $40 purchase – but now you dont have to spend that much!  Head on over to my E-Store now….


bug guard list

Got hands?

So you survived the winter.  The snow, the rain, the cold, the ice and all doing havoc to your hands.  But somehow we made it and spring has just begun to spring.  It is getting a little warmer here in NY – 70s and just the other day it crept up to the 80s.  But alas it will be dropping back down to the 50s this coming week.

So if the cold weather is gone and the warm weather is close by – how are your hands doing?  If you are like me – not too good.  Whether its hot or cold – my hands take the brunt of dryness.  Not only the weather but also the fact that I am constantly washing them.  So to combat the dryness I love using Skin So Soft – it is like putting on silk gloves.  And this campaign we have a great deal.  When was the last time you paid only #1.99 for full-size hand cream?

We have my favorite – Skin So Soft – in 3 kinds – original #941268 – soft and sensual #867315 or radiant moisture #941272

Or try something different – Moisture Therapy in Intensive Healing and Repair #786296

Daily Skin Defense #786224 or Calming Relief #786349

And last but not least – Silicone Glove (a big seller for me) #048660

For $1.99 each you can afford to buy all of them – or try a new one while sticking to an old one….keep one in your purse, one at home and give one to a friend.

Request a #free Catalog

Get your name in there to get a free Avon Catalog. This link will take you to my other blog where you can fill in your request and receive a catalog.  Mailings are going out next week.

Or you can go straight to my website  and browse the catalog online and order online also.

Great items on sale – here are a few: