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Change is coming; oh the complaints!

What is it with change that everyone needs to complain. As I scroll through FB recently whether it is a comment about the weather or a business (and dont make me go to politics – not doing that) you will find an enormous amount of people complaining about the change.

This country did not grow by not changing, go back to pioneer times – a lot of things changed since then. Change is good (well most of it is) and as we continue to grow hopefully our mindset with grow also.

Recently the company I work with has introduced many changes. When a company wants to grow that is what happens. Yes we are all used to the same old things and they do work. But there is also room for new things and instead of complaining why dont we just embrace them? Do I like changes – heck no – I am too old for changes. But change I must do if I want my business to grow.

Avon is no different. They want to grow and they want you to grow. They are offering incentives that need you to grow in order to attain your goals. Goals like trips to Jamaica and Hawaii…..They are giving you more commission if your business grows online as opposed to face-to-face sales. Actually I would love to do more business online although I love my customers and talking to them.

Recently our website had been changed. Confusing? Of course! Where did our Sales Tracker go? It was there just in a different location and once you got used to where it was – well no big deal. So all I can say is stop complaining and get with the program…..if our country didnt we would all be traveling in horse drawn buggies still.


Wrinkles Be Gone

I started using face creams when I was in my 30s and havent stopped. I used all kinds until I finally found the ones that work. Ones – meaning I use several. I use an night cream and a day cream and as an Avon Rep I have tried many others – this because I want to give an honest opinion to my customers.

So almost 4 decades later, I am happy to report that I would never give up my Anew line of face creams. I started with Vitale because in my 30s my skin was really clear and wrinkle free, so I wanted to keep it that way.

The older I got the more I realized that I needed to change up my face creams to be in line with my age. I have found Ultimate is to be the best during those middle age years. And now that I have entered the grandma stage and want to reverse the look, I am using Reversalist.

Avon has just come out with a new treatment called Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol which you can get for free with only a purchase of two Anew products. So I added this to my daily routine and have seen a difference already. And now you can get it for free. (A $40 value)

Purchase here

Check out this and other deals on my website today.

Better than water

We are always hearing about drinking more water. What is it? 64 oz a day? Are you able to consume that much water? That is a half a gallon. I recently received a water bottle that measures 32 oz – so I would have to fill it twice and consume that amount. I hardly get through one bottle. I am so over water.

I have tried it with fruit in it for flavor, and sometimes only lemon because I do love lemon. Unfortunately, my stomach can’t take it too much, so I tend to stay away from large drinks of it.

And so that leaves…what? We all need to hydrate and while water is the best for us, we really need to shake things up and have some flavor to it. I have tried sweetening it but can’t afford the calories and those other flavors contain artificial sweeteners, so that’s not a go.

Until…..Avon came out with Espira Hydration that is packed with electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. And there are no artificial colors, flavors or colors in it. And it is caffeine-free. It does contain 2 grams of sugar which equals 1/2 teaspoon. So there is 15 calories to 12 fl. oz…..but it is a great break to drinking water all day. The flavors are Berry, Orange and Lemon-Lime (my favorite).


Right now if you buy one box (20 packets) you get the second box for half price. That means you can try two different flavors. Why not try it today?

Ready, Set, Buy

I hate shopping – others love it. I dread going to the store…is it an age thing? The older I get the more I hate it. One time it was because I couldn’t walk or stand for long periods of time. But thankfully that has changed with my losing close to 40 lbs. Now I go for a daily walk around the block and try to extend my step count every day.

I still have supermarket shopping to do but most gifts are bought online. But then I realized my supply of paper goods was dwindling and it was time to restock.

So we rose early, had some breakfast and off to the Costco warehouse we went. Thinking it would be fine because it was a weekday and we got there about a half hour after it opened, I was amazed at all the people there. No parking, so went around for a while to get a spot and even the carts were limited.

But we finally made it in and decided we were only going to get what was on the list…..yeah, right. An hour later we finally finished, paid and packed in the car, we were on our way home. Of course, bringing in all the goods up two flights was not happening, so we waited until my son got home and he brought it all in for us.

The good thing is we have all our paper goods for the year, and we got a lot of walking in without being outside. How do you get your walking in?

If it was easy…

Everyone would do it….

Part of my business includes recruiting. And building my team has become an obsession for 2019.

I already have a small team but I keep building it because I want to share my passion. And my passion is beauty. When I started my business I was working full time so Avon became my part time business. It afforded me the luxury of having some extra money for items I wanted and for going out to dinner with the girls without dipping into household money.

By the time I retired I decided to get more out of my business by working it all day, every day whenever I wanted. It wasn’t easy – but I put my heart and soul into it and it has paid off – I have achieved President’s Club.

I get a bigger commission, more perks and the ability to travel to places like Hawaii and Mexico later this year. And now I want my team to achieve it too.

Would you like this type of business too? Would you like to travel? Becoming an Avon Rep could be in your future. But only if you work for it. And I can teach you how. Become part of my team today and I will show you how to build your business and have your own team.

Contact me today for more information or go directly to my website and click on the upper left hand side – become a rep – and start your own business today.

I broke my resolution

Boy, that didn’t take long. Today is Jan 2 and I broke it already. Not the one where I will join a gym and lose weight (well I already lost 40 lbs but that was from eating healthy only). Thinking about going to a gym or maybe taking a class – chair yoga? anyone?

Anyway, where was I? Oh my resolution – the one where I decided I would blog everyday. I am retired so I have the time – or do I? I look at January’s calendar and find it is slowly filling up with things I must do.

So what stopped me yesterday from blogging? Oh, there is this great book I am reading called Saving Noah and I just couldn’t put it down – half way through it already. I have a book blog also, so that has to be taken care of as I finish books and give reviews.

Then there was that pile of laundry – my least favorite thing to do but it had to be taken care of. Those dishes in the sink were not getting washed by themselves. And that gift I got my husband had to be set up.

Today there is shopping to be done..

And. I’m. Back

Stopped typing long enough to run to Costco and stock up on things like, plates, cups, toilet paper etc. It was crowded and long lines but we did it – at least for another year. We only go once a year and since it’s only two of us, the products last – except when the kids come over and do their shopping from my house…..lol

Now I will go back to reading until I have to make my Avon deliveries and maybe tonight I will start on my next blog to keep up with my resolution…maybe….

Another A Box

It seems people are going nuts over my A Boxes. Can’t blame them, I own a few myself. Where else can you get try-it makeup/skin care for only $10.

Campaign 2 is now active and the A-Box for this one contains a full size Anew Eye Lift Pro (one of my favorites, it does it job!) an also a try-it size of Anew Ultimate Cream Cleanser and Anew Power Serum – this is a $42 value for only $10 – did I say that already?

Makeup is expensive and it hurts when you buy something and decide you dont like it, or it just doesn’t work for you. My customers love these A-Boxes because they get to try out a product that were interested in for a few dollars and then decide if they want to purchase the full size product. Sounds good?