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Dry, Itchy Skin

We have all experienced it at one time or another. It comes from many sources. Washing dishes with harsh dish detergents, taking hot hot showers, cold weather, hot weather; rough clothing. Did you know that even dust mites irritate your skin?

Lately with the over use of hand sanitizers I am getting a lot of people showing me dry cracked hands. These products strip skin of essential water and oils, leading to dryness and irritation. In some people, dry skin can progress to more severe skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis.

The worst part is what can you do about it? My customers are always looking for hand creams that will do the job. Not just cover up the dry skin, but also get into those crevices and under the skin to really moisturize their hands. And so we come to the many hand creams offered in every store. Some of the most expensive hand creams don’t even do the job, or clear your skin for a few hours and then you are back to dry hands again.

I truly believe you must find the one that is right for you. One hand cream your friend uses doesnt mean it will help you. As an avid user of hand creams, both in the winter and summer, I have found for really bad hands there is no other cream better to protect against dryness and rough skin than Avon Care Silicone Glove Protective Hand Cream. This gel for hands locks in moisture and protects against skin irritants. Avon Care’s skin-softening hand cream formula alleviates cracked and drying hands for winter relief. However, this 3.4 fl. oz. tube of moisturizing gel is great for use year round.

My lips are sealed

One of the many makeup items that I always wear is lipstick. As a beauty boss I have tried a lot of them. I did find a few I liked, some were discontinued and some I decided weren’t right for me. I am still out there trying on and looking for the right type of lipstick.

At last I no longer have to look because today was the day I found the perfect…..yes, I said perfect….lip color. I was hesitant to try it but decided for my customers sake, I would try it so that I can give them an honest opinion.

I went with Gnarly Nude – of Avon’s new 2 in 1 lip tattoo. The colors are vibrant and stay on all day. Yep, I said all day. How do I know. I wore it the other day and when I retired for the night, before going to the bathroom to wash up, hubby said to me “Why are you wearing lipstick to bed”? Yes, it lasted all day. I usually re-apply lipstick at least twice or sometimes three times a day.

There was no smudging or feathering, it hydrates your lips, it’s vegan ….

One end is a lip liner to outline and define — the other end is a felt tip to color your lips. I have already sold several of them, and right now there is a great deal on line…..check it out….

Skin Tightening

There is no single cause of sagging skin. Age, genetics, rapid weight loss, sun exposure and even lifestyle are all culprits. The good news? If you find your skin looser than you would like, there are ways to regain a more youthful appearance.

I have always gone with the Ultimate Skincare products. I start off by using their cleanser, and then the night cream (or day cream when getting up). I have often bought the whole regimen covering even my eyes. I also buy the travel size so I always have my skin care with me no matter where I travel.

Now that I am losing weight I find my skin is sagging a bit more than usual so I have included in my skin care regimen some Nakedproof on my arms and legs, and neck.

It’s been awhile

As I update some of my blogs, connections, and business website, I realize that it has been awhile since I have been here to blog. My other blog is easier because it is a book blog and I read a lot. So as I finish a book I automatically post it to my website and publish it.

But this site is for my personal feelings and my business. And with the holidays upon us, well it just got pushed to the side of the road. But alas I am back. We have a while until the next holiday although the spring brings a lot of birthdays in my family. In fact there is one tomorrow already.

But it is a good thing. Birthdays. Business has also been busy. Another good thing. Because I have such wonderful customers I have decided to do a giveaway of some makeup. Either eyeliner or mascara; or both. But in order to do the giveaway I need to reach 200 members on my FB beauty group. Right now I have 190.

So if you would like to enter this giveaway, check out my beauty group by clicking on the site to the right of this post and join. Or click here. If this giveaway goes well, I might be doing a monthly giveaway….invite your friends to join also. If you dont win in the first giveaway, you will find great products for amazing prices. Check out my website by clicking on the latest brochure to the right of this post also.

Hope to see you on FB.

We are digital

When I started selling Avon it was done with books, paper and pens…..my orders were mailed in and when they arrived I had to deliver them.

But all that has changed. We are going digital. Would you like to work from home more? No books are involved because your brochure is online. Refer your customers to your website and have them browse through the book and order straight from there. There are perks for them as well as for you.

Customers get free shipping; customers get free products (right now they are getting 3 free eyeliners with their orders); customers get their orders shipped directly to their home and of course you get your profit from their purchases. All you need to do is direct them to your website. This is done via word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter, emails, texts and other social medias. I know because I do it now. Business has never been better.

Sign up today and get the following. Have questions? Contact me. Or go directly to www.youravon.com/ashapiro and click on “become a representative” on the upper left hand corner of my site. I will become your mentor and help you along through the process.

Becoming a Beauty Boss has never been easier. Do it part time which I what I did when my children were young. Let your family and friends know you have a business!

Hidden Hundreds

I love giveaways and connecting to people. In fact I started a beauty group recently and am planning on doing a giveaway of makeup products when it reaches 200 members. So please join because the giveaway is coming soon.

But before that giveaway, my company is holding another one. Avon is hiding pink tickets worth $100 in online orders! All you have to do for a chance to be eligible to win one is to place an online Avon order between April 3rd and April 9th….There will be 10 winners per day, and there’s no limit on order size!

We all love makeup and the prices on my e-store are affordable. So check it out and see what’s in store for you….and you may be the winner of this $100 gift card giveaway…..if you receive a pink ticket you will receive a $100 pre-paid gift card within two weeks to spend wherever you want!

Any questions?

Three more days to digital

I know we are all digital. Actually everything is digital…from watches to computers to cell phones…..everything is online. If you want to know, see, hear or find something….look it up online.

It was just the other day when I dropped off my grandson to a place I didn’t know – so I just put the address into the phone and poof, the exact location popped up.

So what do I mean by three more days to digital? Well, on April 3rd Avon is going digital. In the past we would sign up and pick a starter kit that contained loads of products, samples and brochures. Well, Avon wants you to ditch the brochures (not completely because they will still be available). But wants you to direct your customers to order online. Give them the online address and tell them they can view the brochure there and order.

There are pros and cons on that for me. A lot of customers love browsing through a book, love calling me to place their order (think they like to have chats more) and love having me place the order and deliver to them. On one hand I love interacting with my customers but also find their ordering online helps make my life easier. I really dont mind delivering orders except that sometimes it is hard to connect with people and find the right time to deliver. (We are all busy) And so digital helps me. Also the kits are different and while you have your choice of 3 different kits to start you off, now there is a base amount for them ($30 for any kit).

There is also more incentives online. Like free shipping, free products, lots of discounts and Hidden Hundreds (check back April 3 to learn about that one).

So if you are thinking of becoming an Avon Rep and haven’t made up your mind yet, think about going digital. Work from the comfort of your home with a free website and marketing tools, along with free social media posts to share…..and have a great income….all without leaving home.

Ask me How!