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My lips are sealed

One of the many makeup items that I always wear is lipstick. As a beauty boss I have tried a lot of them. I did find a few I liked, some were discontinued and some I decided weren’t right for me. I am still out there trying on and looking for the right type of lipstick.

At last I no longer have to look because today was the day I found the perfect…..yes, I said perfect….lip color. I was hesitant to try it but decided for my customers sake, I would try it so that I can give them an honest opinion.

I went with Gnarly Nude – of Avon’s new 2 in 1 lip tattoo. The colors are vibrant and stay on all day. Yep, I said all day. How do I know. I wore it the other day and when I retired for the night, before going to the bathroom to wash up, hubby said to me “Why are you wearing lipstick to bed”? Yes, it lasted all day. I usually re-apply lipstick at least twice or sometimes three times a day.

There was no smudging or feathering, it hydrates your lips, it’s vegan ….

One end is a lip liner to outline and define — the other end is a felt tip to color your lips. I have already sold several of them, and right now there is a great deal on line…..check it out….

It’s been awhile

As I update some of my blogs, connections, and business website, I realize that it has been awhile since I have been here to blog. My other blog is easier because it is a book blog and I read a lot. So as I finish a book I automatically post it to my website and publish it.

But this site is for my personal feelings and my business. And with the holidays upon us, well it just got pushed to the side of the road. But alas I am back. We have a while until the next holiday although the spring brings a lot of birthdays in my family. In fact there is one tomorrow already.

But it is a good thing. Birthdays. Business has also been busy. Another good thing. Because I have such wonderful customers I have decided to do a giveaway of some makeup. Either eyeliner or mascara; or both. But in order to do the giveaway I need to reach 200 members on my FB beauty group. Right now I have 190.

So if you would like to enter this giveaway, check out my beauty group by clicking on the site to the right of this post and join. Or click here. If this giveaway goes well, I might be doing a monthly giveaway….invite your friends to join also. If you dont win in the first giveaway, you will find great products for amazing prices. Check out my website by clicking on the latest brochure to the right of this post also.

Hope to see you on FB.


I love giveaways. I have entered quite a few in my time but have never done one. So I am venturing out of my comfort zone and thinking of doing one.

I have supplies on hand like eyeliners, lipsticks, creams, and eye shadows, to name a few. But I lack the knowledge on how to go about doing a giveaway. So over the next day or two I will be researching it and getting my feet wet. Meantime, I plan to start my giveaway on Facebook where I have 187 members in my Beauty Group.

When I reach 200 members I will do a giveaway for one of my beauty items. But I can’t until I reach that 200 (meantime I will be researching). So if this is something you are interested in please join my beauty group today. And good luck to all.

We are digital

When I started selling Avon it was done with books, paper and pens…..my orders were mailed in and when they arrived I had to deliver them.

But all that has changed. We are going digital. Would you like to work from home more? No books are involved because your brochure is online. Refer your customers to your website and have them browse through the book and order straight from there. There are perks for them as well as for you.

Customers get free shipping; customers get free products (right now they are getting 3 free eyeliners with their orders); customers get their orders shipped directly to their home and of course you get your profit from their purchases. All you need to do is direct them to your website. This is done via word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter, emails, texts and other social medias. I know because I do it now. Business has never been better.

Sign up today and get the following. Have questions? Contact me. Or go directly to www.youravon.com/ashapiro and click on “become a representative” on the upper left hand corner of my site. I will become your mentor and help you along through the process.

Becoming a Beauty Boss has never been easier. Do it part time which I what I did when my children were young. Let your family and friends know you have a business!

Didn’t ask for your opinion

This morning started off great. After a good night’s sleep I got up early to get ready for my Weight Watcher’s meeting. Having taken care of hubby before leaving I was on my way.

Before getting weighed in I stopped at Dunkin Donuts (for coffee and an egg wrap only, although those donuts were calling me) and made way to the WW meeting. I gladly got on the scale and knowing I was good all week I wasn’t surprised at the one pound loss I had. Feeling so good I went on to stay for the meeting and enjoyed talking and sharing with the other members.

After the meeting I rose to put on my jacket and in doing so another member saw my Avon hoodie and asked if I sold it. Thinking she would be a potential customer I answered, “Yes, can I offer you the latest book?”

It was then she turned around and said NO, I sold it. So I promptly said OK, that’s good and then she went into a rant on how Avon was terrible, she no longer sells it along with her friends who will not buy it. Thought I would ask why and she continued to complain about all the changes in the company.

I was about to explain that change is good and we should embrace it and work with the changes; but she wasnt hearing any of it…and just kept bashing Avon. Instead of arguing with her (I knew I could not change her mind) I told her that my meter ran out and I need to get to my car — but, have a good day! (I didnt want to hear any more of her opinion.)

On my way back to my car I passed that Dunkin Donuts store again but was proud of myself that I didn’t go in for that donut despite the stress I encountered with that lady. I will continue to do what I love and sell the best products there is…..I didn’t ask for her opinion anyway!!!

What does Dual Elixir mean?

If you watch tv, you know that there are hundreds, no, thousands of serums and moisturizers out there. So if you are like me, you wonder which ones to use and if they really work.

In all my years I have gone through many face moisturizers and while some have worked, I have learned one thing. The older you get the more you need to change your moisturizers. Your skin ages and becomes tougher to take care of. And so it becomes necessary to find a different moisturizer to use.

I have used them all and I still change frequently. Face it – your 20 year old skin is not your 50 year old skin. And so I must admit I found a great skin care duo that is better than I have ever used.

Imagine something 3 times more powerful than a serum alone. In one week 89% showed improvement in texture, radiance, wrinkles, firmness and moisture. I didn’t believe this until I used it myself. Two innovative formulas combine for one supreme elixir. You get a superior serum and a blend of precious oils known for their skin-smoothing and firming benefits.

I have been using it for one week and already see the results. My skin was sagging since losing 40 lbs. and the wrinkles were becoming more prominent but Dual Elixir is fixing all that and there is now a glow to my skin which wasn’t there before. My new go-to face moisturizer is now Anew Ultimate Dual Elixir…..

Better than water

We are always hearing about drinking more water. What is it? 64 oz a day? Are you able to consume that much water? That is a half a gallon. I recently received a water bottle that measures 32 oz – so I would have to fill it twice and consume that amount. I hardly get through one bottle. I am so over water.

I have tried it with fruit in it for flavor, and sometimes only lemon because I do love lemon. Unfortunately, my stomach can’t take it too much, so I tend to stay away from large drinks of it.

And so that leaves…what? We all need to hydrate and while water is the best for us, we really need to shake things up and have some flavor to it. I have tried sweetening it but can’t afford the calories and those other flavors contain artificial sweeteners, so that’s not a go.

Until…..Avon came out with Espira Hydration that is packed with electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. And there are no artificial colors, flavors or colors in it. And it is caffeine-free. It does contain 2 grams of sugar which equals 1/2 teaspoon. So there is 15 calories to 12 fl. oz…..but it is a great break to drinking water all day. The flavors are Berry, Orange and Lemon-Lime (my favorite).


Right now if you buy one box (20 packets) you get the second box for half price. That means you can try two different flavors. Why not try it today?