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It's almost over

One of the things I loved about my business was the fact that I could offer customers a 10% discount on their first order. No matter how large or small, they get 10% off. It makes a big difference in your order. One customer spent $700 and got $70 off…that is a large discount.

But alas everything comes to an end. And starting March 3 this will end too. I am sad because I got many customers because of that one line – 10% discount when you use code WELCOME10 – But there is still time to use that code. So if you have never ordered Avon from me….make sure you use it soon.

Did you also know that you get lower prices when you order directly with me from my website? A customer recently called trying to buy some Skin So Soft bath oil. The bonus size was going for $30.00. She had always ordered directly from Avon. But when she tried she was told she can get the same bottle for only $17.99 if she bought it through a representative. They put her in touch with me and when she ordered online through my website…..she got it for the lower price.

There are so many advantages in shopping with a representative. And there are more to come. At least take a look at the recent brochure – here is a virtual link….and when you are ready, shop through my website at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Where else can you get shower gels for only $2.00??

Join Avon for FREE

Yes, we all love the word free. Avon has free shipping, Avon has free products…that is when you are a customer.

But have you ever thought of being an Avon Rep? Because right now it is free to join (no kit). Or upgrade and you can get a kit worth $107. But that is entirely up to you. You also get a free website. Sell online..or use the brochures.

Sign up under me – I become your mentor and help you get started on this great journey.

Become an Avon Rep

Starting February 5, 2020 until March 31, 2020, you can become an Avon Rep for free. Most companies charge you a start up fee. We charged $30 to join but it was well worth it…you got $107 worth of products, a free website, a mentor, commissions, instructions and help and so much more.

But people used to tell me that they didnt have the money to start up. I suggested many ways for them to get it….but they didnt want to make that step. Now you dont have to worry about having the money to start being your own Avon Rep.


By joining during this time period I will become your mentor and will guide you on your way to making 40% – 50% commission on your sales. There are also so many incentives….like the upcoming cruise trip.

Contact me today…..or check out my beauty page on Facebook.

Your Dream Clean Trio

Have you ever seen the snow a few days after it has fallen? It is pushed aside so that traffic can flow and day after day it gets blacker and blacker. It often amazes me how dirty that white snow becomes just by sitting there. Even the snow I pile up in front of my house gets dirty.

And so it makes me wonder what exactly does the air do to your face? Do you really clean it well enough to say that all that dirt and grime is off your face? I have just started using this trio and must say it amazes me the amount of dirt that comes off my face after I use this brush.

I use the brush with our Anew Clean Cleansing Foam and always carry around my wipes because there are days I need to clean some more grime off my face especially after running around all day.

I dont use the brush everyday but once a week; but I do wash daily with Micellar Water.

What does micellar water do?

Micellar waters  — pronounced my-sell-ar — work to cleanse your skin in a completely different way than soap-based face washes. They are a combination of hydrating ingredients, glycerine, and extremely mild surfactants. The molecules in these surfactants combine to create little bubbles, called micelles, that eat up dirt and oil. Since you apply micellar water with a cotton swab, the dirt gets wiped away with the micellar water. That means no rinsing, which means no dry skin — and the hydrating ingredients baked into the formula stay behind to keep your face moisturized.

Questions? Please feel free to ask.

Dark Circles

Are dark circles making you look older than you feel? Do you have too little time to work, let alone take care of those telltale signs of weariness? Anew Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector is here to save you the stress and brighten your eyes! This eye cream contains Shadow Erase Complex which is designed to fight dark under eye circles three ways:
1. Brightens the look of dark circles with self-adjusting sheer optics
2. Visibly reduces under eye shadows
3. Smoothes the texture of skin of the eye areas
• Reduces the look of dark under eye circles
• Brightens appearance of eyes
• Smoothes texture of eye areas
• Non-greasy, non-oily and non-sticky

Get Some Mattitude

What is Mattitude? Obviously it’s a made up word, or at least I havent found it in the dictionary…do people even use dictionaries any more? So lets go to Google….

So technically there is no such word. But you can use it to describe a number of things. And in this case it is describing Avon’s lipstick.

The reason it is called Mattitude is that it is a soft matte liquid lip with a non-drying formula that will last for hours. Yes, I said hours. I wore it once to an event and that night before getting ready for bed, hubby asked why I put on more lipstick before going to bed. I hadn’t, but that is how long it lasted.

Poppy seed oil and vitamin E nourish and smooth lips. And it is paraben-sulfate-and phthalate free.

And you won’t believe the price. So what’s your Mattitude?

My lips are sealed

One of the many makeup items that I always wear is lipstick. As a beauty boss I have tried a lot of them. I did find a few I liked, some were discontinued and some I decided weren’t right for me. I am still out there trying on and looking for the right type of lipstick.

At last I no longer have to look because today was the day I found the perfect…..yes, I said perfect….lip color. I was hesitant to try it but decided for my customers sake, I would try it so that I can give them an honest opinion.

I went with Gnarly Nude – of Avon’s new 2 in 1 lip tattoo. The colors are vibrant and stay on all day. Yep, I said all day. How do I know. I wore it the other day and when I retired for the night, before going to the bathroom to wash up, hubby said to me “Why are you wearing lipstick to bed”? Yes, it lasted all day. I usually re-apply lipstick at least twice or sometimes three times a day.

There was no smudging or feathering, it hydrates your lips, it’s vegan ….

One end is a lip liner to outline and define — the other end is a felt tip to color your lips. I have already sold several of them, and right now there is a great deal on line…..check it out….