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Step out of the bath or shower….dry off and ?

If you are like me, you like to spray on some body mist to make you feel sexy and seductive…..and what better time of the year than Valentines is there?

Try Ultra Sexy – pink, heart or lace in body sprays or Eau de Toilette……available now at my store



Get Rich Quick

It’s all around us.  Plastered all over social media.  Those ads and postings that say you dont have to invest anything in order to make a lot of money.  Want more information?  Just drop an “info please” note in the comments.

And there you go, loads and loads of people dropping an – info me – because they all want the answer to getting money fast and easy.

So it is no wonder why when I post for team members – no one is interested.  They don’t want to put out the minimum of $25 to get a starter kit (worth $80) in order to start their business.  A business that has been around for 130 years, that I have done 11 years and love….the small investment was not a problem – in return you got a load of items to help you start your business including a free website.  The website is even being updated as I write this.  Avon will have their own Social Media area where you can make and share to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts all your goods, sales and discounts.

Remember: there is no get rich quick…wish there was….but a little work and commitment will take you on to owning your own business to work at your own pace….Just this morning I was out delivering brochures to customers and potentially new customers…..and came home to two orders online already….how easy was that?  Ask me how you can join my team….info please!


You smell good…

Ever start talking to a friend and all of a sudden realize that she or he really smells good. There are some people who always have that fresh nice smell about them. Like they just stepped out of a shower and sprayed themselves with a splash cologne..I have never found a scent that remained that long on me.  No matter what I use about two hours later it is gone.  No one has ever asked me – what cologne are you wearing?  You smell so good….and so I keep looking.

I have spent hundreds of dollars on expensive cologne – Macy’s being my go-to place.  I sometimes use gifts cards and discount codes to drop it down, but it still costs me around $70.  Way too much for a scent that doesnt last.  I like the way it smells but I want it to last all day.  And so the search goes on,

Until the day I started wearing Avon cologne.  Yes, some of them dont last either, but at least I am spending less than half I usually pay for cologne.  And then after going through many of the scents they sell, I found my special one – the one that I smell all day long and people ask me what that scent is that I am wearing.

One of my favorites and best seller…there are three….Haiku – fresh scent; Haiku Kyoto Flower – floral scent; and Haiku Reflection – blossom and amber wood.


Warm me up

With Silky Vanilla………….


There is nothing better than a shower.  Baths do not do it for me, anyway.  And I feel cleaner with a shower…and using Avon’s Senses brings great luxury to my skin.

Senses is hydrating.

Senses cleans and conditions your skin

Senses makes you feel fabulous and flirty all over

And when you are done with your shower – use Senses body lotion and body spray to complete the feeling.   Right now buy two and get two free…..at my online store – www.youravon.com/ashapiro

chalchihuitl…better known as –


Out of all the stones out there….and my birthstone which I love (amethyst) turquoise comes in as one of the top ones.  It goes with everything….diamonds do too, but who can afford them…so I tend to go with turquoise for wearing casual wear and dress up.

I love it with black and dark colors but in the picture below you can see it also goes well with white.  I love the necklace more than the bracelets or earrings because it is the first thing your eye will go to.  And it makes a statement…people will ask you where you got it!

The necklace and earrings come as a set for only $19.99 – available now at my online store www.youravon.com/ashapiro

The New South West

We have a collection inspired by the true American West.

Blues of desert skies, crimsons of the canyons of Nevada and neutrals of the Apache Trail.

Check out the vest and wide leg pants for starters at my online store at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Sizes go from Small (size 4) to 3X (size 28 Womens)