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Deal of the Day #4

Today only using the code, Avon is offering an extra 20% off on your online orders….Now is the time to do your shopping online and find such great buys.  Where else can you buy lipstick for only $5.99 – one that wears all day!

Cologne gift sets are my favorite – body lotion, hand cream, body wash, body butter…..and all in a box – you just have to gift wrap them.  And all under $15…that perfect hostess gift for all your holiday dinners.

All under $15 you can find mittens or gloves and hats.  Are candles your thing?  Again all under $15.  I just purchased the salted caramel candle!

Check out the brochure at www.youravon.com/ashapiro and dont forget the Deal of the Day – see below


Fear of Trying

We all go through life fearing something.  Like bugs (hate them) and high places (hate that more).  But the worse fear I believe is the fear of trying.  We put things on the back burner because we dont want to try them for fear of …..? what?  Failing would be my first guess.  But if we dont try we will never know the feeling of success …. and it is only through our failures that we learn.


And so as I speak to my team, I try to instill in them that they must keep trying.  Success does not come over night. In our business we must get out everyday and talk to people.  Will we be turned down? Yes, not everyone is going to be interested in our business.  But we have to find ways to communicating with different people on why it is best for them to be interested in our products.

When we try to sell makeup to a person who doesn’t wear any – of course, it will not get us anywhere.  But what if that person can be encouraged to add a little eyeliner or blush.  And failing that, we all need to wash our face….Avon has the best cleanser in the world.

I also find it helpful if I stay away from recommending makeup to those who won’t listen and ask them about their fashion and jewelry because Avon is more than makeup.  And if all else fails, I offer them my 10% discount card…..everyone loves a discount.

For those of my readers who would like a free discount card, please leave a comment and I will gladly send you one.

Refresh Your Senses

Buy 2 – Get 2 free

Best ever bargain.  Great Stocking Stuffers

Antibacterial Hand Gels

Hydrating Shower Gels

Body Lotions and Body Sprays……in wonderful fragrances like vanilla pomegranate, cucumber and melon, cherry blossom, green tea

All available at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Shop for the Holidays Now

So you have a long list to get through.  Family and friends who you would like to get something special…..have you tried checking out my online brochure….many gifts, some gift-boxed already and ALL at reasonable prices.

No cost to look….check it out here – www.youravon.com/ashapiro – and get free shipping with a $40 purchase AND 10% discount using code WELCOME10

Pedicure Yourself

Once a month I treat myself to a pedicure.  I love the warm water, the massaging to my feet and legs, and of course all the scraping of that dead skin on my feet.  Nothing feels or looks better than that.  I used to hate people touching my feet – but one pedicure cured me instantly.

But in between pedicure, especially during the summer when sandals are worn, I always felt my feet drying up and getting scaly as soon as 24 hours after that pedicure.  And I hated it.

Well, now Avon has found the answer for you, AND IT WORKS.  I am an avid user of their Footworks collection and use it everyday.  Well, not everyday – but even if I skip a day or two – my feet are as silky as………silk!

Right now we have great collections – those that deodorize, exfoliate, heal, soothe.  And they are all on sale – any two for only $9.00.  Even if you don’t believe it – it is so worth spending this money to try them out.  I, myself, love the lavender.  I use the Intensive Callus Cream nightly to rid myself of this one callus that is annoying.

The Ginger & White Tea Collection which sells regularly for $7 each is also on sale for only $4.99

Check out the large selection on sale now (page 114 in the brochure) here at my store – http://www.youravon.com/ashapiro 

And when you decide to buy remember you can get free shipping on as little as a $25 purchase using the code RA2510 for this month.