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Black Friday Anyone?

I know the day is almost over and you are probably tired from all that shopping.  But today I sat home, out of the cold and crowds and ordered online all day – well in between the grandkids.  Three of them slept over and we dug into the leftovers, watched movies, and played cards.

But I did manage to go online for a period and start ordering holiday gifts.  You see, Chanukkah starts next week and with 9 grandkids I do have a lot of ordering.  I was out for a while but returned when the traffic was bumper to bumper and I couldnt even get across the main road.  Seems everyone was out shopping today.

I am also running a Black Friday sale and people are really ordering like crazy – have you seen it?  Great gift ideas for the whole family because Avon is not just makeup.  Look at these deals and hop on over to my store tonight…there is still time to order…



As I sit here I am watching two of my grandchildren play a card game called UNO.  The older one is playing by the rules and the younger one is making up his own rules.

It makes me think about rules.  Why do we follow them?  Who follows them?  There are people who just won’t follow the rules and that’s ok sometimes because in this world it seems the innovators are the ones who think outside the box – make their own rules.  Are rules made to be broken?

As I run my business I tend to follow the rules.  How I advertise, how I treat my customers – but sometimes I too think outside the box.  What if instead of charging my customers regular price – I add a discount?  or give them a gift for buying.  I am always mailing out thank you cards for purchases made online along with some great samples.  And what better way to get new customers by telling your regular customers they will get a 10% discount for referring a new customer?

This time of the year I love giving away stuff….My Avon Store is filled with great discounts for Black Friday and coming up – CyberMonday!

It’s beginning to look a lot like….

family time…..a time to reflect … a time to be thankful … and a time to SHOP!

I sometimes think it would be great to forego all the shopping and just have family dinner for all – oh, wait – that just passed….It was called Thanksgiving.  Presents were not necessary although some people brought dessert (homemade) and some brought fruit and wine.  It was a time for happy smiles and talking and eating…way too much eating.

My favorite holiday and this year it went great.  All the little ones running all over the place.  Upstairs, downstairs and outside.  A bit of football on the TV and in the street.  Almost as good as our annual block party.

This morning I woke to aches and pains (you get those when you get older) but it was well worth it.  Tomorrow I will clean because today was just a resting day – and some more eating.

I did go online to start my shopping (no standing in line) and ordered for the grandchildren first (easy buys – they want everything).  The best part of running my business is the fact that I too offer Black Friday specials....and until tomorrow here are the deals you can get and what the new brochure looks like.  Didnt make it to Black Friday at Avon?  Guess what!  Cyber Monday is coming – a new post for that one…meantime check out what Black Friday at Avon looks like – it expires tomorrow Nov. 25 at 11.59 pm….dont miss it….





Keep an eye on this blog for…..

The next several days and 12 days of December……Every day I will be posting great discounts, free shipping codes, free products to be had with a purchase, — such as free candles, free cremes, free skin so soft, free makeup, free fragrances…etc. But check back everyday from November 24 when Black Friday starts through Cyber Monday and the 12 days of deals in December……join my mailing list so you dont miss a day! OR “like” me on FB where deals will be posted also.

Here is a preview of Black Friday..must be purchased through Direct Delivery only at www.youravon.com/ashapiro