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Campaign 5 – Get the Power – FREE

The next campaign has come out and it is a great one.  Each book gets better and better as Avon increases their line of products.  After health and wellness items they are already into spring.  Not only makeup and skin care and jewelry but also fashion and home goods.  And keep an eye out for future books because soon they will be catering to us big girls…yes, plus sizes here we come.

Did you know you can always shop online by looking through the brochure…turn each page and see what we have to offer….here are a few of the great new items..



     Just some of the items in the book………….


Book Clubs

I love to read, as you will note by my reviews on my other blog.  But I have never belonged to a book club.  I have gone to book readings and author readings and have enjoyed hearing the author speak about their book – and then I buy it.  But I have never sat down with a group to discuss a book that we were all reading.

Well, in my retired state I have been trying new and different things and have joined a book club on FB – and to start it off we are going to read Year One by Nora Roberts.  I am excited to start reading this and should have started two days ago.  But I did have to finish the book I was currently reading – Look for Me by Lisa Gardner – So today I started the book club book and my Kindle battery died, so I am awaiting the charge.

Meantime, I have tried to think about this book club.  What will I say and how to fit into the discussion without spoilers because we are all not on the same page.  It should be interesting…plus I need to remember – and so I got myself a small book to take notes.  Anyone else belong to a book club and how do you manage the meetings?

What are you reading these days?


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Now is the time – right before the holidays.  Earn extra cash….buy items for yourself….who doesn’t need beauty items.  Creams, skin care, jewelry, fashion, home items, fragrances and soon to come – health and wellness items.

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Review: Hello Again

Hello Again by Brenda Novak

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Welcome to Hanover House.

And the Chronicles continue. Another great, great book by Novak only seems to keep you hungry for more…..we find ourselves again in Alaska where Evelyn Talbot is running Hanover House, trying to find out what goes on in the mind of serial killers.

Not only hasnt Jasper Moore (her torturer when she was 16) been found yet, but now there is another serial killer, Lymon Bishop, about to be released because of a technicality – and Talbot believes he is guilty.

Things get hairy when there are more girls killed; and the mystery continues as to who is responsible, when they will strike again….this book has romance, thrills, mystery and is now making me wait impatiently for the next in the series…..

Bravo Novak – you did it again!

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Review – The Widow and the Orphan

The Widow and the Orphan by J. Thomas-Like


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, so, so, so sad. I had tears in my eyes reading about Pepper who found the man of her dreams only to find out that he was dying. Throughout the book we find out how Pepper and Gabe manage to pull themselves through this tragedy.

Insisting that they get married, Gabe treats her to a beautiful wedding only to be surprised himself when an unexpected child shows up! Having to plan a wedding, then a funeral and cope with motherhood….you wonder what will happen next…..yes, there is another surprise.

But you will have to read to book to find out the situation Pepper finds herself in next. Lovely story.

I am addicted

OK I admit it – one of my favorite addictions is reading.

But while I love mysteries and thrillers, I have come across an author who

Write romance and suspense

And she has completely caused my addiction to her novels

I dont know where she gets her ideas, but each and every one of her books are thrilling and page turners

I started with The Last Stand series TRUST ME, STOP ME, WATCH ME


My next series will be the Fairham Island series – THE SECRET SISTER & THE SECRETS SHE KEPT

What author are you totally hooked on?

Do you Read?

I love reading and carry my Kindle with me 24/7.  Never know when you will have free time (waiting in a doctor’s office) and want to do something other than play with your cell phone.  I also belong to this great book club – online – called Goodreads.com 

Here I have found great books and new authors.  I love thrillers and mysteries and as soon as I finish one book – I am onto another.  One of the things I am looking forward to when I retire – in 83 days – is being able to sit down and read books.  Right now I squeeze my reading in – sometimes in the morning, or during lunch – but most of the time at night before bedtime.

I also met quite a few friends who love to read and we are always recommending books, asking about each other’s books and discussing what we like – one big happy reading family.  There are also groups you can belong to specific to certain genres and also contests where you can win books.

Not only do I read books but I also review them – besides on Amazon – you can find my reviews on my other blog here 

So, if you are a reader come by Goodreads.com and ask to be my friend so we can sit down with a cup of tea (or wine) and a good book to discuss….