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What do you do…..

….when the Kindle version of a book is more money than the paperback?

I always bought books…hardcovers and paperbacks. I had my own little library downstairs and loved it because there was also a small couch and my own space. Along came Storm Sandy and wiped out my book collection, I did save a few that were higher than the 4 feet of water that came in.

After that I decided I would just buy books for my Kindle which is always with me no matter where I go and can hold thousands of books. I am blessed as people tend to give me Amazon cards for my birthday, Mother’s Day etc. and I always use it for the many books I read. Have read 32 so far this year alone.

I also seek out free books and request books from NetGalley often so I do have those books. But recently I have come across some books I would like to read and when logging onto Amazon have seen that the Kindle edition is sometimes $3-$4 more than the paperback.

So my thought is…..do I still buy the Kindle version? or go for the paperback?

Buy 10 Read 2

I am drowning in books. I have always been an avid reader since my teens. It was my way of escaping from the world around me. Today it is no longer an escape but a ways to relax and enjoy some serenity in my hectic life. I suppose it is somewhat still an escape -to all the lovely places I keep reading about.

I belong to Goodreads.com where I log all my books and post a review. I also read reviews from others and have found that if the review is good then the book goes on my TBR (to be read) List. I have over a thousand books on that list. I doubt if I will ever catch up because the more reviews I read the more my list grows.

Better than that I also check Amazon and have a problem with clicking the “buy” button. So I already own books that I have to read. Is this an addiction? Of course I am blessed for the family that keeps giving me Amazon cards so I dont feel that guilty that I am spending too much money on my book buying….at least not my money – just gift money. And that’s what it is for, isn’t it?

So if you are a -read a review and buy a book – type of person, you can catch my reviews here…..at least put them on your TBR list.

Someone Knows

Yes, someone does, But dont worry, its not about me. Its just another book review….and this one will keep you turning the pages.

Someone Knows

Someone Knows by Lisa Scottoline

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another super book by Scottoline. I was not disappointed as I read this story of friends who kept a secret for 20 years. But as we all know, secrets have a way of nagging at you and finally come out. The story starts with Allie Garvey who is going home to attend the funeral of a friend. A friend who was part of a horrific incident that happened 20 years ago. It then goes back to the beginning when Allie and her friends were 15 years old and drinking and partying in the woods when a prank went wrong.

But attending the funeral brings it all out again and Allie can no longer hide the truth, especially since it is affecting her, her marriage and her sanity. The book keeps leading up to the climax that also has a twist in it.

A great read; must be placed on your TBR list.

Let’s do a book review

Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I started this book for a book club I belong to and wasnt sure it was my type of book. But every chapter brought me deeper and deeper into the lives of the Richardsons and the Warrens. Two separate families entwined. While the Richardson were well off, with 4 children and living in a grand house, the Warrens (Mia and her daughter Pearl) were the opposite – living day to day, job to job.

Mia was also living in a house owned by the Richardsons so their lives became mixed with each others children becoming friends. But as I read along I found the many secrets of both these families and how it doesnt matter how big your house is or how rich you are – it matters what type of person you are, how you communicate with each other and the compassion you have for each other.

A great book that I am looking forward to discussing at my book club.

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Let’s go to the movies

When was the last time you went to the movies? With technology today there is always something to watch on TV or your tablet or even your phone. But if you want to see the latest movies you must venture out. It might be my age but I rarely go to the movies and if I do it must be a great movie I am dying to see.

Yes, I know everyone is out this weekend for …..Endgame….didnt see it so no spoilers and don’t plan to see it. Not my cup of tea, although several of my grandkids are going to see it.

I am more the comedy/drama type of person. Love a good thriller or mystery (that’s why I read books these days). But at my age I find several reasons for NOT going to the movies.

  1. Hubby usually falls asleep at them.
  2. It is always too cold.
  3. It is always too loud.
  4. The screen is so large I feel like I am sitting on top of it (even if I am in the back row.)
  5. People do not shut off their cell phones. (so annoying)
  6. It is soooo expensive. (even with senior discount)
  7. Eating is not an option (for me anyway)- other than a bottle of expensive water. Can’t do popcorn, franks etc.
  8. And eventually it will be shown on Netflix where I can sit in the comfort of my home.

So instead of going to the movies, maybe a day walking in the park and then going to lunch or dinner is more my style – and leave the movies for the kids and young people dates.

How about you? Are you a movie-goer?

And the temperature is….

I woke up late this morning because went to bed late because there is this book I am reading and I can’t seem to put it down….

Anyway, I had all good intentions of doing things today because yesterday I spent reading and relaxing all day. So I finally got myself downstairs and in setting up for breakfast, my hubby calls down and says there is no hot water. Well, not the end of the world. Not as if there is no heat. So the plans I had for today had to go on the back burner and I am now waiting for the service man due this afternoon.

Meantime I checked the weather outside and found it is…..9 degrees? But it feels like… -13 degrees? OK, no way I am venturing out to complete some chores….at least it did not snow and turn to ice…. We can do this, only a few more weeks until spring….

There is laundry to be done and some bathrooms to be cleaned…now where did I put that book I was reading?

Love You Gone

Love You Gone


Love  You Gone by Rona Halsall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Twists and turns and just when you thought you knew what was happening….it changes again. I got this book through NetGalley for an honest review. The book is coming out on Nov 15, so put it on your list.

Mel comes home to find her husband and two children gone. They left a note “gone for a walk” but then they never return. The police are called and what seems like an innocent scene gone wrong, the more you read the more you find out what you thought was happening isnt so.

You start feeling sorry for the wife until you’re presented with a whole different scenario. Who is the victim here? This is a book you cant put down because you are not really sure how it is going to end.


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