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I Carry My Store with Me

I bet you didnt know you can do that.  Who ever heard of carrying a store with you.  But the amazing part is, I do that.  I have no overhead…great not paying rent and my store can be stored anywhere.  I have my store in my bag, in my car and of course at home.  I bring it with me wherever I go.

I am an Avon Rep and all I need is my computer and brochures. The brochures are my store to give out to customers…everything I sell is in that book….My computer is my order book…and even better when I dont have the computer with me, my phone does the job.

Last week my husband was in the hospital, so I spent my time driving into the city, spending the day with him and then driving home at night.  Exhaustion set in as soon as I got home.  Did this for five days with my order being due on Sunday.  How was I going to get customers while taking care of hubby.

No problem.  Met people in the hospital, introduced them to my “store” – handed out brochures.  Took orders on my phone, gave out my business card.  While in the hospital I texted customers that orders were due on Sunday and they texted me back their orders.  Then I placed orders through the phone……and that is how I got $800 in orders to submit on Sunday night.  40% of that order is mine…..

There is nothing better than just needing your phone or even a pen and paper to work your business…..can you do this?

If I have your interest in becoming an Avon Rep, please contact me at beautyboss2015@gmail.com on how to join my team.  You start off with a Starter Kit and free website…..and then you can take your store with you too!


Book Review: The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian

The Flight Attendant

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Imagining waking up in a hotel next to the man you just slept with – who is also dead. Someone slit his throat. But then imagine that you were also drunk, having been drinking all night with this man, and dont remember what happened or if in fact you were the one who killed him.

This is the life of Cassandra, flight attendant, on her flight to Dubai. And so she runs, away from the man, away from the woman who was with them the day before, but not away from her troubles. They do catch up to you. This begins a series of lies to keep herself out of this disaster, only to dig herself deeper into the maze. This is not only a story of murder, but also addiction and the lengths we go to in order to be one step ahead of the inevitable.

Just when you think Cassandra cant get any worse….she pulls another antic that does not help her. Great read….keeps you sitting on the end of your seat.

It was beautiful….

I have been feeling a bit down lately.  Probably because the winter wont go away….or spring wont come yet.  Been in the house way too much also.  Hubby is not well…his idea of life is eating, watching tv and sleeping.  While I dont blame him – the meds make him tired – and each year seems to be harder for him….I have found that I need to move….so I had finally decided ….

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Campaign 5 – Get the Power – FREE

The next campaign has come out and it is a great one.  Each book gets better and better as Avon increases their line of products.  After health and wellness items they are already into spring.  Not only makeup and skin care and jewelry but also fashion and home goods.  And keep an eye out for future books because soon they will be catering to us big girls…yes, plus sizes here we come.

Did you know you can always shop online by looking through the brochure…turn each page and see what we have to offer….here are a few of the great new items..



     Just some of the items in the book………….

Book Clubs

I love to read, as you will note by my reviews on my other blog.  But I have never belonged to a book club.  I have gone to book readings and author readings and have enjoyed hearing the author speak about their book – and then I buy it.  But I have never sat down with a group to discuss a book that we were all reading.

Well, in my retired state I have been trying new and different things and have joined a book club on FB – and to start it off we are going to read Year One by Nora Roberts.  I am excited to start reading this and should have started two days ago.  But I did have to finish the book I was currently reading – Look for Me by Lisa Gardner – So today I started the book club book and my Kindle battery died, so I am awaiting the charge.

Meantime, I have tried to think about this book club.  What will I say and how to fit into the discussion without spoilers because we are all not on the same page.  It should be interesting…plus I need to remember – and so I got myself a small book to take notes.  Anyone else belong to a book club and how do you manage the meetings?

What are you reading these days?


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