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Calling all Brooklynites

Yes, you know who you are…..here in NY that is what we are called.  Been here all my life and not planning to move anywhere.  Oh, I did roam once (to Queens) but alas I returned and love it here.  We are in the middle of so much to do.  Whether it is going to shows or just a day in the nearby park, there are people all around us and always something going on.

And if it isn’t enough then just take a short train ride into what we call “the city” and it never sleeps…so you will never run out of places to visit, to eat, to enjoy or to increase your culture.  But let’s get back to the neighborhood.  Because next month we are having a Bazaar.  It is called Rescue Dogs NYC and we are going to have fun.  It starts in the afternoon, a small donation is requested ($5.00) and there will be refreshments, raffles and loads of vendors to fill your needs..take a look at the current flyer and save the date (December 9) if you are in the neighborhood.

I will also be there selling my Avon among other vendors listed below….


Dusty Farms

In a few days I will be going to Dusty Farms….It happens to be in Putnam County and it is quite a ride up there.  I hope hubby will be able to make it as he is not well and the long ride – well we might have to make a few stops…we do that on long rides – besides a good cup of Dunkin I can always stop for.

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Going vertical again

When we first moved into this house we had a slider door going out back to our deck.  I hated the window treatment so finally went out and bought vertical blinds.  And have had nothing but trouble since.  They keep falling off and since we are no youngsters, we keep calling my son over to fix them.  Being plastic (since the metal ones would hurt the grandkids) we found them flimsy and easily breaking.


As you can see there are some that are missing and it is just not working anymore.  So today we went on a search for a company that will replace them and hopefully they will be better made.

We found one Blinds To Go in Park Slope and after telling them our dilemma they recommended fabric verticals.  They looked nice and they also showed how they are reinforced where they attach above.  So we decided to go with them (not a bad estimated price either) and now are waiting for the installers to call us back to set a date for measuring.  (After they go up, will write another blog and have picture)

What do you have on your sliding doors?

Try flipping through it

So you dont live in my neighborhood and you dont belong to my mailing list……but you would like to see the latest brochure of Avon products…..have no fear – flip through it today.  Campaign 8 has items like – spring (remember spring) dresses, sandals and bags.

Just by going through the book you will find great deals at great prices – and there is always free shipping……browse now by clicking on the link below:

Flip through the Avon brochure & shop your favorites right from your computer or phone! #AvonRep avon4.me/2nGcAoo


There’s a brush for that!

Did you ever take a look at how many makeup brushes there are.  I always thought there was a cheek one for blush, one for applying eye shadow and eyeliner and of course a lip brush.  In  C-7 on page 31 I have come across 14 different brushes.  The usual eye shadow brush, and a eyeliner and lip brush was there but also there is a foundation brush, concealer brush, a kabuki brush? – there is a crease brush, a contour brush, a bronzer brush and even a blush brush.

So, are you totally confused?  I am – but after reading about the various brushes and what they do – how can I resist?  And the best part is if you buy one, you get one for half price……

So head on over to www.youravon.com/ashapiro and get your brushes now….a girl can never have too many brushes.

Happy Birthday

Yesterday I celebrated another birthday.  I stopped counting about 10 years ago because age is just a number.  My health and well being is what is important and what I need to work on.  So I am trying to eat right, walk more and get more sleep.  But as I woke up with hubby singing “Happy Birthday” to me I had to decide what to do for my birthday.  Hubby said anything I want so thought maybe lunch or dinner out, I am not one for a showy day.  As the day went on and I waited for hubby to get dressed, my front door opened and in walked my son and his family.  They live about one hour away and this was a surprise.  Shortly after that the rest of the clan came and I found out the girls were taking me out to lunch while the boys stayed home and ordered pizza.  I was delighted and so surprised.

The day was perfect with close to 70 degree weather – this is NY people, that does not happen.  I hate celebrating my birthday because of the month and the fact that the weather would never cooperate.  But today it did – lunch was great, got cards, flowers, balloons and ice cream cake…..plus hugs and kisses – calls, texts, emails and great conversation.  What more could a mom ask for.  I am blessed.

This morning I had breakfast with some good friends – who treated me – and the celebration goes on and on.  Not bad for an old lady…lol

Ultra Hydration is Here

Avon has introduced something new.  Well, Moisture Therapy is not really new but there are several different types of MT.  We already have CALMING RELIEF Moisture Therapy which has oatmeal that soothes and relieves dry, itchy skin.  Then there is DAILY SKIN DEFENSE which is formulated with vitamins, and last there is INTENSIVE HEALING AND REPAIR (my favorite) that gives 72-hour moisturization that relieves redness due to dry skin.


And now there is ULTRA HYDRATION with these


  • Natural vitamins and fatty acids make shea butter an incredibly moisturizing ingredient.
  • Moisture hydrates skin and lasts for 24 hours.
  • Shea contains cinnamic acid and other natural properties that soothe the skin.
  • Dermatologist-tested and hypo-allergenic.

There are actually three products in the Ultra Hydration line: body scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells, body lotion for moisturizing, and ointment for an even richer moisturization in extra dry spots.  And get it at a great price – only $6.99 for a 16 oz bottle….check out the brochure info here