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Calling all Brooklynites

Yes, you know who you are…..here in NY that is what we are called.  Been here all my life and not planning to move anywhere.  Oh, I did roam once (to Queens) but alas I returned and love it here.  We are in the middle of so much to do.  Whether it is going to shows or just a day in the nearby park, there are people all around us and always something going on.

And if it isn’t enough then just take a short train ride into what we call “the city” and it never sleeps…so you will never run out of places to visit, to eat, to enjoy or to increase your culture.  But let’s get back to the neighborhood.  Because next month we are having a Bazaar.  It is called Rescue Dogs NYC and we are going to have fun.  It starts in the afternoon, a small donation is requested ($5.00) and there will be refreshments, raffles and loads of vendors to fill your needs..take a look at the current flyer and save the date (December 9) if you are in the neighborhood.

I will also be there selling my Avon among other vendors listed below….




The weather has been great these past few days.  Enough to open the doors and windows and let in the fresh air.  So tonight I was totally surprised when I answered the front door for a customer who came to pick up her Avon and decided to stand on the steps and chat away.  We haven’t seen each other that much this summer so we had lots to talk about.

After our business and catching up, I turned to go inside, shutting and locking up the house for the night.  And then it started.  The itching. On my legs and arms.  Apparently even with the summer slowly ending and the weather (for now) turning cooler — the mosquitoes were biting like crazy.  They absolutely LOVE my ankles – so my ankles were the first to get eaten up.  Then I noticed bumps all over my left arm.  I must have the sweet blood the love.

It never occurred to me to spray myself down with Bug Guard so those buggers would leave me alone.  It wasn’t like our recent block party where I knew they would eat me so I sprayed myself.  But luckily I do use my own products and had some Avon anti-itch spray – when instead of scratching away – I sprayed away and the relief was terrific.

Next time I will know better – outside at night for any length of time = Bug Guard.  By the way, the last of the season brings the last of the Bug Guard – you wont see it again until next year….so get some now while they are still available…..and still on sale at http://www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Avon has also made it possible for you to donate toward helping support Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts….See my e-store for more information on donating today.  

The Time is Now

Sorry I havent been around for the past two days but I have been working my business.  My last post  talked about all the tossing I did and when you do tossing you have to expect some calls from new customers.  Since my orders are going in tonight I have to get on board and plan for these new customers.  I have a planner and a book where I keep all the information on my customers and today I am entering all the orders to be placed.


Somewhere in between I received a call from someone who wants to become an Avon Rep.  I am excited to add her to my team and after some time on the phone I emailed her a long list of what to do, how to do it – love my work!

I also realize that shortly the holidays will be upon us and everyone needs that extra money – now for the holidays, later for that coat or tv you want.  I originally started just to make some extra money for dinners and entertainment time.  But since retiring, I am working my business full time for things I want – I see a cruise in my future!

Need a part time job for the holidays?  for something special you want?  Now is the Time….for as little as a $25 investment you too can become a #BeautyBoss

Contact me today at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Need a Free Shipping code?

I am in love with free shipping codes and discounts codes.  In fact before I purchase anything I go to various sites that offer these codes.  I have made $125 purchases for only $70 because of codes that I research first.

So it’s no wonder that I always offer my customers codes to do their online shopping. Such as:

First time customer? use code WELCOME10 for a 10% discount.

Customers ALWAYS get free shipping on any $40+ order – no code needed.

I also offer Avon dollars to special customers who get me referrals – just like cash they can use it on their direct orders with me.

So now that there is another code for only a $25 purchase that I am sharing with you – but remember it is only for 3 days – so get your orders in soon and use the code below at www.youravon.com/ashapiro



Invest $25. Start your own business

Sounds good?  Well you can do it.  I did it and love my job.  I am the boss, I make my own hours and I meet the most interesting people.  If I get up in the morning and dont want to work – well, I dont work.  Cant get any better than that.

With that $25 investment you get full size products, samples, books and a free website.  It’s ready to put your name on it – and it is connected to social media so you can advertise your goods.  Not only makeup but also fashion, creams, jewelry, shoes and even household items.  There is something for everyone of your customers.

And you also get a mentor – someone who will be with you every step of the way.  Even if you are across the country…with technology today I keep in touch with my team via email, text and social media.  I have a great team and would like to make it grow so that we all do great in this business.

So if you are interested in coming on board just contact me…..and please share this blog with someone else you may know who wants to start their own business.

Contact me via any of the following links:

my website: www.youravon.com/ashapiro

my email: shap5@outlook.com

my FB page: www.facebook.com/AvonByAgnes

I’m a Sample Person

No that’s not a typo.  Sample not Simple.

Whenever I purchase something I sometimes wish there were samples.  Especially fragrances.  They are so expensive and just because the advertisement says they are great doesn’t mean they are…Plus fragrances react differently to everyone’s skin. What smells good on me may be terrible on you.

So that is why today I am running…..free samples to the first ten people who contact me….as follows:

I have loads of samples waiting to be mailed…..

There are no free rides

As a mom of five I was working full time but felt with all the kids grown and out of the house I wanted something to do when I retire….along came Avon – I have been a Rep for the past 2 yrs, love it, meet great people and make extra money for those extra joys in life….I am since retired and loving my new life.

I often come across FB posts that want to know about work that pays well.  But these people dont want scams and dont want to put any money upfront.  Well, there are no such things as free rides.  What people dont realize these days is you have to work for what you want.  Nothing comes free….oh, except those scams.

Can Avon make you rich?  YES – with hard work.  Orders dont come to you.  No one is looking to spend money.  You have to go out and get them.  Depending on how hard you work for it – you will do well.  Get out there and leave books all over, talk to your neighbors and friends and tell them to pass the word around.  Tell people Avon is more than just makeup.  An analyzes of my business just showed my highest sales is in fashion – I sell tops, pants, shoes, sandals and yesterday I delivered a coat to a customer who loved it.  She tried it on right there and was surprised how well it fit.  And that is another things – dont like it?  Fine, we take it back to be returned or exchanged….your choice!

So dont look for those get-rich-quick-schemes…..think about how long Avon has been in business (130 years) and realize they must be doing something right!  And yes we do have a start up fee – but how much is your choice…..I myself went for the smaller bundle – it is not just money upfront either…..you get products you can use to start your business.  One of my team members went for the big bundle ($100) because she wanted all the products and the tote bag also.

So contact me for more info to join my team or go directly to my website and click on #bosslife at www.youravon.com/ashapiro