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Fall = Candles

I find many people love candles. Didn’t realize that until I started selling them through my website.

I also love candles and have a good collection in my home. Depending on the season in my house you may smell some vanilla, or cinnamon. This summer there was the smell of Watermelon – yes, there is a candle for that.

So coming up this Fall is a whole new batch of scents….like…

Maple Pumpkin Pancakes

Spiced Apple Cider

Fall for Berries

Creamy Vanilla Frosting

Autumn Stroll

Are you a candle lover? What is your favorite scent?

12 days of deals – #7

As you check out Avon you find lots of makeup and skin care.  Yes we are that.  But did you know that Avon also has other products?  We have beautiful clothes, slippers, jewelry, children’s items, vitamins, shoes and also candles.

So for this deal day Avon is giving away free candles with your order.  If you have ever bought a candle  before, you know that there are three wicks, they smell better than another name brand, they give 30 hours of burn time, and right now they have holiday scents such as Spice Wreath, Cinnamon Bourbon, Cranberry Cider among other scents.

So today you get one FREE…you are doing your holiday shopping anyway, why not get a little something for yourself?


Day 6 of Deals

Free Candle………one that lasts 30 hours of burning….I recently purchased one – Salted and Caramel – Mmm smells delicious.  But you can get yours free….for today only go to my website and don’t forget to use the codes for your choice.

Avon is doing this for 12 days…..not into candles?  check back tomorrow for the next free deal or go to my website to see what the deal of the day is…….at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Light up the Holidays

Avon has a Home Fragrance Collection – each 3-wick 11 oz candle gives 30 hours of burn time and they are only $11.99 each.

For a limited time you can get free shipping on only a $20 purchase – so get one for a gift and one for yourself…..

They come in beautiful colorful jars with scents like FIG AND CHESTNUT – or SALTED CARAMEL – and my favorite SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE…..wouldnt these make not only a lovely gift but get one for yourself to use at your dinner table this holiday season!


There’s a brush for that!

Did you ever take a look at how many makeup brushes there are.  I always thought there was a cheek one for blush, one for applying eye shadow and eyeliner and of course a lip brush.  In  C-7 on page 31 I have come across 14 different brushes.  The usual eye shadow brush, and a eyeliner and lip brush was there but also there is a foundation brush, concealer brush, a kabuki brush? – there is a crease brush, a contour brush, a bronzer brush and even a blush brush.

So, are you totally confused?  I am – but after reading about the various brushes and what they do – how can I resist?  And the best part is if you buy one, you get one for half price……

So head on over to www.youravon.com/ashapiro and get your brushes now….a girl can never have too many brushes.

12 Days of Deals #9

So the past 8 days of deals has not peaked your interest.  You dont need free candles, free creams, or free mugs.  What you really want is #free shipping – but you dont want to spend $45 or $60  – or even $40…..need a lower price?

Well today we are thinking of you – all you have to do is spend $25 – yes I said $25 – and you will get free shipping   – remember to use the code SHIP2U – at