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Drowning under the papers

I woke up yesterday with the thought of cleaning the house. The usual got done, like dusting, mopping and throwing out the garbage. But my biggest challenge was paper.

My hubby subscribes to three different newspapers and insist on leaving them on the dining room table until he finishes reading them…but that takes days. I don’t have an office so my business takes over part of my dining room table where I am now typing on my laptop next to my appointment book, planner and invoices. I do have a small set of drawer in the corner to hold other items from my business like tape, bags, staple, samples, demos, books etc. But somehow things find their way to the table.

I also have bills to pay and other paper items to either shred or keep and somehow they find their way into a box on the floor. But the box turned into two boxes and yesterday they were overflowing. So I spent the whole day (didnt even know there was a FB problem) cleaning out those boxes. What did I find? Papers that I don’t know why they were even there. Papers I didnt need and never took care of. With some gone (either shredded or placed in recycling) and bills paid the area is now clear of paper.

I got a small basket to leave on the table for the papers I work on daily (it has a handle so if company comes I can quickly move it to the drawers in the corner). Now to keep it that way. I also have a small shredder and maybe, just maybe, I can rid myself of paper as it comes into the house.



I just spent two hours upstairs in my bedroom getting rid of stuff. How do we accumulate so much. There were outfits in my closet with tags on them. So I ended up with three bags of clothes to donate and still more to do.

It always seemed like a huge task and everyday I said I would start tomorrow. But tomorrow never came. I am on a weight loss program and have recently dropped 40 lbs….so a lot of my clothes are now swimming on me. Planning to lose more I decided today was the day to purge myself of those huge sizes that are not fitting anymore (a good thing).

Slowly I have been decluttering the downstairs rooms like the kitchen, dining room and living room. My biggest problem is hubby. He doesnt want to get rid of anything – so I am secretly ridding our home of “stuff”. But if I do a large amount, then he will know and actually go into the trash to retrieve it.

So here and there I dump things in the trash but not make it too heavy and get him suspicious. I had a drawer of keys (some from the owner before me)….really? Why was the being kept?

Declutter yourself

I recently read a wonderful blog about decluttering and thought it was all about getting rid of stuff in the house (which I have made a resolution to do this year.) I have started with the kitchen (there are no longer pots sitting on my stove among other places) and to take one room at a time.

But this blog was about decluttering yourself. I have never thought about it but we so often find ourselves overwhelmed with “things to do” that we no longer have time for ourselves. I used to do more when I worked; and having recently retired I find I still do a lot but have the time to spread it out. My biggest problem is saying NO. Since I am retired people think I have loads of time to do things for them.

And so, on my list this year, I will stop to smell the roses (when they bloom after the winter), sit on the patio and read, talk long walks and say NO to some people who wish to take up my time.

It also covers decluttering your body which I have started already. Do we need all that sugar in us? No, and I am happy with the way my weight loss is going and my mind is working. Actually thinking of adding yoga to my life and meditation to declutter myself.