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Out making my deliveries

Part of my business includes delivering goods to my customers. I love when they order online, it is easier for me and they do get their products quicker. They also get codes from me for free products, free shipping and discounts off.

But there are some customers who insist on buying direct from me which means I order for them and when it arrives I will have to deliver to them. I dont mind because I have great customers and love meeting with them (even if it’s a few minutes at their door for drop off) and talking about their family, etc.

But I try to make my deliveries all in one day (usually doesn’t happen because not everyone is home at the same time). I got a call from my grandson who helps me toss brochures around different neighborhoods and then I treat him to Burger King for his help. But then I decided it would be a good day to get some deliveries done. I did manage two deliveries….two more for Monday…some I am waiting to hear back from.

I guess you can say this is the hardest part of my business but as the weather gets warmer I love doing it. I just got notification that my company is going digital. Which means when you join to become a rep (on my team) you will not get brochures or products but will get a certificate to purchase whatever products you want – not what they want to give you. And then do all your business online giving your customers codes and your website to buy from.

Sounds good to me. Doing business online now and loving it.