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We are digital

When I started selling Avon it was done with books, paper and pens…..my orders were mailed in and when they arrived I had to deliver them.

But all that has changed. We are going digital. Would you like to work from home more? No books are involved because your brochure is online. Refer your customers to your website and have them browse through the book and order straight from there. There are perks for them as well as for you.

Customers get free shipping; customers get free products (right now they are getting 3 free eyeliners with their orders); customers get their orders shipped directly to their home and of course you get your profit from their purchases. All you need to do is direct them to your website. This is done via word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter, emails, texts and other social medias. I know because I do it now. Business has never been better.

Sign up today and get the following. Have questions? Contact me. Or go directly to www.youravon.com/ashapiro and click on “become a representative” on the upper left hand corner of my site. I will become your mentor and help you along through the process.

Becoming a Beauty Boss has never been easier. Do it part time which I what I did when my children were young. Let your family and friends know you have a business!