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Vitamin Me

I was never a person who took vitamins. Mom didnt believe in them and so I made my way through life without them and often eating the wrong foods also. The older I got the more I gained weight and I often got sick. My biggest sickness was earaches.

When I got married and met my in-laws they were in their 70s and doing so well. Talks with my MIL made me realize she was a big fan of vitamins. She also watched every food she ate making sure there was no red jello because it contained dye for the coloring. When I got pregnant with my first child was the first time I had a vitamin.

And so I saw my in-laws doing well (lived way into their 90s) and decided there must be some truth to taking vitamins. So when I wasnt taking pre-natal vitamins, I decided on taking a regular vitamin everyday. And the results are amazing…never felt better. Between my new weight loss program, my walking and taking vitamins….think I am becoming a healthier me.

I recently changed my vitamins though and have found these to be the best for me and also formulated for me. Do you take vitamins? Why or why not?

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Better than water

We are always hearing about drinking more water. What is it? 64 oz a day? Are you able to consume that much water? That is a half a gallon. I recently received a water bottle that measures 32 oz – so I would have to fill it twice and consume that amount. I hardly get through one bottle. I am so over water.

I have tried it with fruit in it for flavor, and sometimes only lemon because I do love lemon. Unfortunately, my stomach can’t take it too much, so I tend to stay away from large drinks of it.

And so that leaves…what? We all need to hydrate and while water is the best for us, we really need to shake things up and have some flavor to it. I have tried sweetening it but can’t afford the calories and those other flavors contain artificial sweeteners, so that’s not a go.

Until…..Avon came out with Espira Hydration that is packed with electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. And there are no artificial colors, flavors or colors in it. And it is caffeine-free. It does contain 2 grams of sugar which equals 1/2 teaspoon. So there is 15 calories to 12 fl. oz…..but it is a great break to drinking water all day. The flavors are Berry, Orange and Lemon-Lime (my favorite).


Right now if you buy one box (20 packets) you get the second box for half price. That means you can try two different flavors. Why not try it today?

Boost your metabolism

Increase your metabolism and burn more calories…that sounds great right!  Well it works…I not only sell it but also use it myself and have never had so much energy in my life.

Boost your energy with safe, naturally sourced plant-based ingredients

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Block your Hunger; Increase Metabolism

All the energy you need to kick-start a better you.  A New Year should be a New You.  Start the year right and get your boost on.

When you have natural energy, you thrive.  And I am not talking about the artificial kick you get from coffee….and I love my coffee.  Or from a sugar rush……this is vitality that comes from within.  Experience a different kind of energy that will fuel you through the day without letting you down.

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